Another unreported hanging at the Montgomery County Jail

Phil Plummer behind bars in JailWith 1 guard per 100 inmates, it’s hard to keep an eye on things.

When you don’t care, things get out of hand.

We reported Tuesday that an inmate had hung himself. It’s still not made the Dayton Day-Old news.

Now, it turns out that a dozen days earlier, Nathan Griffith hanged himself- cut down and taken to the hospital already brain dead. He was kept on life support for a week- until family could be located at which point life support was pulled.

That’s 2 deaths by hanging in August of 2018.

Jail isn’t supposed to be a death sentence. And, hangings are preventable with proper supervision.

Again, maybe it’s time we put Sheriff Phil “the torturer” Plummer in prison- or at least make him work there so that these deaths stop.

Condolences to Griffith’s family.


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