Dayton Region Rally Nov 17 – they want you to come!

The Dayton Development Coalition- doers of evil no-bid contracts to congressman’s wives, are trying to clean up their image- and holding a feel good hoo-hah at UD arena.

A partial list of speakers:

  • Kellen Winslow, Athletic Director at Central State University and NFL Hall of Famer
  • Joe Sciabica, SES, Executive Director, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Stacia Edwards, Director, Regional Workforce Transformation Consortium
  • Sean Creighton, Executive Director, SOCHE and DaytonCREATE
  • Dr. Tom Lasley, Dean, UD School of Education, Edvention
  • Dr Mike Ervin, Oregon District – Downtown Dayton Plan

They want you to go to this site and sign up:

We’re all in charge of our future, so let’s make it a positive one.

Join others in our community and become a part of this exciting event that highlights our regional strategy for growing jobs and celebrates all the opportunities available in our area. Hear how others are achieving success in the Dayton Region, and learn how you can get involved and do the same

via Dayton Region Rally.

I’ll be there. You should too.

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