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Dayton Region Rally Nov 17 – they want you to come!

The Dayton Development Coalition- doers of evil no-bid contracts to congressman’s wives, are trying to clean up their image- and holding a feel good hoo-hah at UD arena.

A partial list of speakers:

They want you to go to this site and sign up:

We’re all in charge of our future, so let’s make it a positive one.

Join others in our community and become a part of this exciting event that highlights our regional strategy for growing jobs and celebrates all the opportunities available in our area. Hear how others are achieving success in the Dayton Region, and learn how you can get involved and do the same

via Dayton Region Rally [1].

I’ll be there. You should too.

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I cannot be at this event (have scheduled press meetings) — nor, honestly, would I be. I cannot see taking time to go see what people from non-profits and arts organizations say are going to do about bringing jobs in this area. In my experience, there is little to nothing organization like them really CAN do – they don’t have the authority or capability to really make much of an impact as far as bringing jobs to the area. Where are the “regular” and/or legit business leaders and owners from this area? Avoiding this Rally, would be my guess. I’m sure the talk will be “big,” but when it comes to action, I expect we will see very little. If nothing else, I imagine the Rally will inject some cash into the pockets of the University of Dayton — which certainly doesn’t do much for the City of Dayton, does it? Let me know how it goes… And I’ve seen several of artists like Michael Israel (in fact, I think he was one of them) — and that was enough for me.


Thomas you nailed it on the head. We need big boys and girls,  real investments…. not hand outs and hand holding. Nice ideas and nice causes are done at home and churches. Why not a bake sale?
Jobs, real jobs, real people…. skip the back jobs and hand patting….oppps, stop, reverse that…..
Have fun thinking you are important.

Ideas are often worthless, that is why the average human has 89 a day. We need true professionals. Like Gary S, who sells to those who have the most liquid income…


Jobs, real jobs, real people…. skip the back jobs and hand patting….oppps, stop, reverse that…..
….read the Dayton Buisness Journal.  They always have articles on business expansions, firms landing new contracts, etc.
Ideas are often worthless, that is why the average human has 89 a day.
…spoken like a true Daytonian!  Meanwhile, down in Louisville:


I am actually from Louisville.

My point is gathering ideas is a waste of time when they are bad ideas in the first place. Jeff, you seem to be so successful, why don’t you lead the way.


There were no ideas on that site.

Liberals love to come up with “ideas” and then when it comes time to implement them they scurry back into the wood pile because it actually becomes work at that point. It is always “someone else’s” job to make their brilliant idea come to life. Or the government should do it….

What a waste of time and talent. They want to be paid the big bucks because the “thought” of something yet can not and will not implement most of these great ideas. Because when it come to that phase they find out it ain’t so easy.

Conservative “thinkers” are just as bad. Have fun sipping on coffee and saying “conversation” is work… .. …


I see that Louisville confab as modernization of the old Chatauqua concept.
I am actually from Louisville.
What school did you go to?