Three reasons the Dayton school levy failed-

1) It was a lot of money- and with gas at $3+ a gallon, many Daytonians are scraping now to make ends meet.

2) While the charter schools may not provide as good an education- they do one thing a lot better than the Dayton Public Schools- it’s called Customer Service.

3) In a competitive market- schools must become a brand- and tell their story in a compelling fashion. It’s called Marketing- and as long as Dayton Public Schools continues to use Penny Ohlman Neiman and Steve Avakian- (a high priced political consultant who lives in Boston- and flies in to work on DPS stuff- at DPS expense) it won’t get any better. “A new day is dawning” and “Moving ahead” may as well as been “we suck but” and “we’re just a bit better.”  Whoever suggested Dr. Mack be the frontman on TV spots should be shot- he’s as stiff as a board.

You can say it failed because of number 1- but, if number 2 and 3 were done right, it wouldn’t have been such a massive spanking.

Remember- people will still spend $100 for a pair of Nike shoes- because they THINK they get the added value.

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