Dayton isn’t the only place trying to lure the “Creative Class”

The difference between Dayton and Detroit- is that Detroit is actually doing something about it- we pay a lot of different people to talk about it.

At least we’re not going to be paying Maureen Pero anymore- but- this site for Create Detroit is worth a look.

CreateDetroit » About Us

So what exactly is CreateDetroit???? Glad you asked!??? Below you will find our mission statement, statement of purpose and vision to help explain what CreateDetroit is all about.???

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

To??? be an active??? organization comprised of a diverse council of citizens from the Detroit Region, focused on making Detroit become a vibrant marketplace.

To connect people ideas and resources to grow the economy and spirit of Detroit.

Value Statement
To offer an infrastructure that supports city and regional efforts aimed at quality of life improvements and to provide opportunities for companies and individuals to learn about, get engaged and support volunteer improvement.??? ??? Through projects initiated by its members, CreateDetroit will also champion regional efforts to improve Detroit’s image.

Our Overall Purpose
The purpose of CreateDetroit is to provide a hub that can help interested people who want to get involved connect to all the various organizations that are already making Detroit and its suburbs a better place to live & work, to identify new projects that are necessary to fulfill it’s mission of making Detroit a talent magnet for the creative class, and to have fun.

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