Undervalued, undersold, misunderstood.

If you were selling a product, would you spend all your time talking about its shortcomings? Would you make great efforts to point out your competitions benefits over yours? Would you spend every moment of your sales pitch focused on your flaws?
So when Dayton Daily News Editorial page Editor, Ellen Belcher asks questions about “why we can’t compete” in her editorial today– the answer lies in the front page headline: “The Greene could be the area’s needed shot in economic arm.”
Notice the words “could be” and tie to the gloom and doom of a “sick economy.”
A simple headline: $200 million dollar development poised for grand opening” would have worked just fine.
They also have an article about the future of the Downtown Dayton Partnership- again, focused on its shortcomings. This is an organization that gets more press than it deserves- that contributes nothing more than scandal to our community.
If Dayton’s leadership hadn’t abandoned ship years ago- maybe the Greene would have been built close to UD Arena, on the Tech Town site- near 5/3rd Field, or possibly on the old Reynolds site on Germantown- all with great highway access and central to the region.
The fact is- Yaromir Steiner just built Dayton’s new “Downtown”- the Downtown the paper and the Downtown Dayton Partnership dream about- he just didn’t build it where they think it should be.
Unless Dayton elects some leaders who can tell the sellers of doom and gloom at the Dayton Daily News to shape-up or ship-out (oh, I almost forgot- they are moving out of the “doomed Downtown”) and to start selling our positives- we will be undervalued, undersold and misunderstood.
Every headline can tell a story- every sales pitch can look for the positive; Ellen, this can start with you.

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