When the Dayton Daily News editors don’t like you

The “Speak up” comments on the Dayton Daily News editorial page are the spewings of gutless wonders. However, not all that call, or write in are selected for print. Nope, that’s the job of the Editorial page staff: Editor Kevin Reiley, Editorial page editor Ellen Belcher and “writers” Martin Gottlieb and Scott Elliot. These four people are the ones who write endorsements of candidates- like the one they wrote for deposed Mayor Rhine McLin.

Today’s Speak Up had four gems (I have to retype them instead of link, because they can’t manage to automate their processes to post content online)

Re online Story, “Former Qbase VP sues company,” Dec 4; Here goes the tax dollars. Thanks, David Esrati, keep exposing them.

David Esrati loves attention. His good ideas are swallowed up by his immaturity, petty gossip and his “Hey, look at me” syndrome.

David Esrati has zero credibility and is proven yet again to be nothing more than a punchline to a joke that was never funny in the first place.

Money our new mayor spent getting elected: $1,500 (sic) Money the outgoing mayor spent trying to get elected for another term; $175,000; Knowing David Esrati didn’t even get his own vote: Priceless. Friends don’t let friends vote for Esrati.

For those of you unfamiliar with the QBase story- I first wrote about their ponzi-scheme funding based on taxpayers footing the bill back in Feb 09, the Dayton Daily News is still in denial I not only scooped them, but was the first to break the news that Qbase forced employees to donate to political campaigns. Search this site on Qbase to get more of the story.

Since the election, I scooped them on the Qbase lawsuit as well- and the story on the redistricting, was the first to post the actual campaign finance reports- the list goes on. Please note, I’m not paid to do their job, or the job that should be done by the Board of Elections.

The reality is, these comments could all be called in by one or two people. It could be people from Qbase, or from the Montgomery County Democratic Party.

I’ve tried to do my part to keep people informed- from videotaping candidates’ nights and posting them on YouTube, to digging up documents and posting the behind-the-scenes look at how the money moves in Dayton (see the Michael Greitzer post, for a recent example).

One reader has suggested that I ask for payment via the “Rational Street Performer Protocol:”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Threshold_pledge_system I would prefer that some of you take the time to weigh in with signed letters to the editor- [email protected] not to defend me, but to question the value of the “unsigned comments” and the comment system on their site that has run amok. (You can post what you send in here- so we can see original vs. published- remember, 200 words or less).

While my psyche can handle this crap (it’s amazing what Special Forces school prepares you for)- it’s this kind of public bashing that stops good people from stepping forward to challenge the status quo.

My view of how Dayton could be, is much different than of those in power. I don’t believe in no-bid contracts, behind closed doors public meetings and the public funding of private business. No matter what the Dayton Daily News says, I’m not going to stop.

And to tip-the-hat to P.T. Barnum- thank you, Editorial board for at least spelling my name right, it’s about the only thing you get right when you publish anything about me.

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Will Brooks
Will Brooks

David E., I for one am glad that you are not going to stop. I think it’s obvious that we disagree on some points of discussion from time to time and in my opinion that’s a good thing. It makes for real discussion and serves to test view points for validity (mine, yours, or someone else’s). Hopefully in that process rational, reasoned thought leads to further education that prompts appropriate action…blah, blah..
Anyway, I haven’t been able to find any other source that reports on Dayton’s political underbelly and subsequent dealings. Thanks for doing this and keep on hammering away.


I’m of the impression that the “Speak Up” column is not edited by Reilly, Belcher, or anyone else who gets a byline; rather, it’s compiled by an intern or minimum-wage new hire in about 15 minutes per issue–after which the anonymous cub reporter goes to edit the obits, write filler, and do all the other drudge-work that occupies the beginning of a reporter’s career.
I’m also of the impression that legitimate journalism accepts anonymous commentary only when there’s justification–as, for example, in the case of whistle-blowers who might suffer retaliation.
Time for “Speak Up” to shut up.


I’m not sure what’s more painful to look at in the DDN…

1) the amazingly dumb responses to amazingly dumb questions from the “Chatterbox” on the 2nd page every day…

2) the anonymous comments that follow most stories that the Dayton Daily somehow continues to allow… (it almost takes your breath away to read the idiotic, uninformed, racist, mind-numbingly dumb shit that people post)

3) the fact that Martin Gottlieb wrote literally like 4 or 5 editorials trying to somehow justify why he and the rest of the editorial board Space Cadets completely blew every single aspect of having even a shred of insight into what the Mayor’s race would entail, or how it would end up… a simple “we ****ed up.  Good luck Gary” would have been sufficient.

I stopped paying for the paper 2 years ago, and I’m glad I did.  I’m a HUGE supporter of local stuff (Dragons, theater, restaurants).  But as long as the anonymous comments continue, and the Editorial Board remains a bunch of partisan bafoons, I won’t spend a dime on the Dayton Daily.

Molly Darcy
Molly Darcy

What does a couple of callers in Speak-up have to do with the Editorial Board?  I’m pretty sure if Martin or Ellen have anything to say about you, they’ll just say it–much like Dayton voters did when they told you to take a hike in November.  Grow a spine and move on.  Who cares what a couple of callers say?

Drexel Dave Sparks
Drexel Dave Sparks

I would have to agree with Molly. You seem to have the spine to put your neck out there. Accept that people are going to take swipes. It’s part of the game. Learn to enjoy the hate. That said, Molly seems to have an obsession with you. You two ever consider dating?