Dayton Grassroots Daily Show v.15- the Dayton Daily News

Responsible journalists don’t allow unsubstantiated claims to hit the paper- but, the Dayton Daily News seems to have no problem running a troll fest of unsigned commentary on their website.

Greg Hunter and David Esrati discuss this policy- and ask, “how long can this go on”- since it’s costing the entire communities reputation.

This is a follow up to last nights post: Facebook group founded to end trolls on Dayton Daily News site

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How much would it cost?  Slashcode is free:
That code already supports a big, successful, self-moderated news discussion forum…

Mike Bock

David and Greg, I’m thinking that you might want to devote a dialogue to the topic of the Montgomery County Democratic Party’s Reorganization Every Montgomery County Democrat has an opportunity to come to the aid of their party by seeking election to the MCDP Central Committee during next May’s Democratic Primary.  It’s worth discussing.

John Ise

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