Dayton Baptist Ministers’ Conference candidates forum: Podcast

We have some amazing voices in this community- and they opened their meeting in song. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the recorder going for the opening.

There were no strict time limits. When I arrived on time, only Joe Lacey of the Dayton school Board and Charlie Shoemaker, executive director of Metroparks were there. We were invited to the table- excuses were made for a candidate who said he could be there by 1pm (Gary Leitzell- but he wasn’t named). Then the Mayor with Nan and Joey popped in about fifteen minutes late.

The Mayor was given the podium first, then Whaley and Williams. I was at the end. I didn’t do the normal stump speech if you take the time to listen. I think I made a few friends.

The questions were pointed- and the moderator, Reverend Stewart, cut off the question on the candidates’ support for the casinos- listen and you’ll hear.

The issue of the step increases/raises was asked- the answer from Commissioner Williams and “the team” was evasive.


I don’t usually make speeches like this one. It’s worth a listen.

Please note, if elected, I’ll keep providing you with insight and recordings of events and meetings that affect you. That’s my job.

Excerpt for Will- just my parts (14:18):

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