Quality, Certifications and Guilds- and why medical care costs so much

How can an Army Spec-4 do a vasectomy on a solider, without 8 years of college and a medical degree, yet 3 stitches will set you back $1,400?

Is it that we’re demanding over qualification? And who makes the decision on when it’s ok to do whatever? Before we had unions, we had craft and trade guilds that required competence- now we have unions that just require membership.

America used to be known for making quality. Since WWII we seem to have lost that reputation to the very countries we beat. Germany and Japan both have a better reputation for quality.

An old post on this site recently started picking up comments again- the one on the cost of three stitches at Miami Valley Hospital. Greg had also sent me this post about the decline of the American economy that was interesting:

Decision makers focus on the only metric they care about—the cost and how to reduce it, not the only one they understand.

Ideally, companies exist to provide products and services to people. If the products and services are good, the companies prosper; if they aren’t, the companies fail. That’s risky, so American companies inverted this model. They fed the public the notion, which has rarely been questioned, that a company’s responsibility is solely the financial welfare of its stockholders. Products and services are no longer the goal of business; they are merely means to profit. That reducing quality leads to greater profits quickly became evident.

via The Long Decline of the American Economy.

We try to pull these things together in today’s Vlog edition of the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show v.36


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