David Esrati and his tremendous ego

This morning a reader said this:

Roger 03.08.09 at 8:34 am As always, it’s really all about David Esrati.

It was in response to my call for city employees to return phone calls.

And to this, I’d like to ask- where are the sites where you can have a conversation about your city that are moderated by:

Matt Joseph, Dean Lovelace, Rhine McLin, Nan Whaley or Joey Williams?

Or, City Manager Rashad Young, or even that guy in planning who doesn’t return phone calls?

What are their positions on issues? Where are you going to find them? By reading the Dayton Daily News?

What is on their minds before they vote? After they vote? How do you stay in touch with them? Via the franked mail you get just before election time in the form of a “Newsletter.” How often do they share their vision for the city? Just before election time? Can you search back and find their positions to play “gotcha” with?

Yes, this is all about me. 21,000 unique visitors per month come and read it here- and who knows how many others read it republished on www.daytonos.com (so they don’t get in trouble at their government jobs).

Should I just shut up and go away? Is my ego really why I do this? Would it be egomaniacal for the other candidates in the commission race to be doing the same thing?

Please share your thoughts here- or on your own sites- and trackback (just in case, you don’t want to contribute to my ego any more than necessary). Or just stop reading this site altogether- because, readers obviously feed my monster ego.

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