David Esrati and his tremendous ego

This morning a reader said this:

Roger 03.08.09 at 8:34 am As always, it’s really all about David Esrati.

It was in response to my call for city employees to return phone calls.

And to this, I’d like to ask- where are the sites where you can have a conversation about your city that are moderated by:

Matt Joseph, Dean Lovelace, Rhine McLin, Nan Whaley or Joey Williams?

Or, City Manager Rashad Young, or even that guy in planning who doesn’t return phone calls?

What are their positions on issues? Where are you going to find them? By reading the Dayton Daily News?

What is on their minds before they vote? After they vote? How do you stay in touch with them? Via the franked mail you get just before election time in the form of a “Newsletter.” How often do they share their vision for the city? Just before election time? Can you search back and find their positions to play “gotcha” with?

Yes, this is all about me. 21,000 unique visitors per month come and read it here- and who knows how many others read it republished on www.daytonos.com (so they don’t get in trouble at their government jobs).

Should I just shut up and go away? Is my ego really why I do this? Would it be egomaniacal for the other candidates in the commission race to be doing the same thing?

Please share your thoughts here- or on your own sites- and trackback (just in case, you don’t want to contribute to my ego any more than necessary). Or just stop reading this site altogether- because, readers obviously feed my monster ego.

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20 Responses

  1. Drexel Dave Sparks March 8, 2009 / 12:24 pm
    Excellent response David. That is what you call a TFSD – Total F&&*IN Slam Dunk.
  2. David Lauri March 8, 2009 / 4:47 pm
    Nan Whaley’s is at http://www.nanwhaley.com and http://nanwhaley.wordpress.com/. Nan’s blog does have a recent entry, March 6th, but hadn’t been updated before that since July 18.

    I think it’s great that you have a blog that you keep up-to-date and whose comments you read and reply to. From the perspective of a voter, I think every candidate, at least for local office, should do the same (I can’t really expect Barack Obama to read and respond to comments on the White House blog).

    I can see why a campaign manager or candidate, from their perspectives, might not think such openness to be advisable. There’s the issue of staying on message and managing the message, etc., etc.

  3. Greg Hunter March 9, 2009 / 4:05 am

    Is my ego really why I do this?

    In a word, yes.

    It is the reason I do it, blog, post and toast people. I know not how you came to your beliefs or why you do it this way. I do it because I watched people in power in companies and in politics say things that I believed in, only to find out they were totally wrong. Thirty years and then that was it, I will take my council first, based on the data and then listen to the opposing side, put their shoes on and see how they feel. Usually their vested interests are revealed and the public is short changed. For instance, Amy Schrimpf made me promise I would retract my Austin Road beliefs if it “all worked out”. I do not think she understood my contention, that Austin Road had to benefit Dayton as a whole and not cannibalize one area for the sake of another. But hey, Amy was brought to power the old fashion way, GROUPTHINK. From the Dayton Chamber, to Administrative Assistant to Steve Stanley’s TID, to Kettering Commissioner, by selection. The data indicates cannibalism, and in my future scenario, cannibalism it will be :)

    So I decided that my own council, on most occasions is correct and I may be falsely assuming that you do as well.

    I have interacted with you with you on several occasions and the only two areas I would like to see you address would be:

    1. Have you ever been wrong about an idea or person and publicly admitted it?

    2. Do you really understand that Business As Usual cannot be maintained and that somethings are going to pass away for ever?

    Do not get me wrong I love that you present the ideas and while it would have benefited all of us (Miami Valley) but it you seem to be as stubborn as the next politician IMHO. I mean I loved that you thought Dayton was beautiful from the Racquet Club, but it gave me the willies. Do you know why?

    Because, I envision the “movers and shakers” think the same thing, and they have the same thought process when they looked out at the little ants below and said…

    If we had a baseball stadium, if we had fountains, if….then there would be more ants and they would love us for the “great decisions’ we made.

    Well not really, because these things are nothing but band aids on something that needed a tourniquet, the elite were using unlimited credit and unlimited stupidity to destroy the creative energies that built this town. To make a good stew, it has to have all types of ingredients and it has to slow cook until everything comes out right.

    Really how many people would have benefited from your “walk to work tax credit”? The rhetoric can be harsh, but the compromise has to encourage the majority to do what is ing the best interest of all. Have you seen the Fatties in this town? I think a tax credit for Body Mass Index scale would be a good first step. Tax credit for all food purchased that is grown within 100 miles of Dayton.

    It is obvious that Democracy and America will have to collapse, because it is owned by corporations, that pick groupthinkers to run the machine, before any real change will be made.

    David when I return, I will work to help you get elected, if you desire. I will have time, the inclination and it will be bicycle weather! But idea people like us will be taken down, as like rat’s in a corner, they will come out biting. They cannot face the fact that they have been wrong, they will not admit it and it is our un doing. The banksters own Obama, or perp walks would be occurring, just like the “elite” own this town. These people “led” US into this mess and so far, no pain for them.

    PS I am wrong about a great number of things mainly personnel decisions and short term work issues as well as many other things people are free to mention, but I will change my mind in the face of data presented in an objective manner. Will You?

  4. David Esrati March 9, 2009 / 6:25 am

    Well Greg- I was wrong about the Jamie Simpson- the weather man- and admitted it.
    This site consists of two things- news and opinion-
    on the news front- I’ve scooped the DDN many times- I’m not paid, and- I’m sure I’ve had a few things not quite right (as Mr. Gower used for his excuse for not calling me back). I don’t have “press credentials” to ask questions- gain access- etc. I also can’t spend a day to write a story- these come out in 30 minutes or less.
    As to my opinions- the ideas- they are placed out for discussion- they are not right or wrong- they are ideas. I’ve been called wrong many times- but, the idea is to be provocative- to get reactions, to start a discussion.
    When it comes to Austin Road- it’s not “wrong”- it’s just not great for everyone. Government should be about serving the greatest good- and the greatest good would be anything that moves us away from sprawl and dependence on oil- foreign or domestic.
    While I don’t agree with buying up the corner of Wayne and Wyoming without a working contract with a developer or tenant- at this point, the people have lived in limboland too long. It’s now time to take ownership of the mess we created.
    I can be swayed- but, since my views are guided by the principles of greater good- most don’t change. I think that’s a key difference between me and most politicians.
    We will see. I’ll appreciate your help.

  5. Greg Hunter March 9, 2009 / 7:14 am

    principles of greater good

    Hmm I would bet Gene, Rhine McClin, Mr. Gower, Phil Parker, Steve Stanley and y9urs truly all have this perception of themselves, whether it be rational or not. But hey in my book you have the greatest good at heart, because anybody who is your business, publishes the ideas, takes the heat and still has a business gets my vote. On balls alone Esrati and I will make my sore, trying to peddle you to victory!

    Thanks for the reasoned response and I get it!

  6. In the 'burg March 9, 2009 / 7:32 am
    I’ve got news for you.
    It’s not all about you.

    It’s also about the people who care about you, promote you, support you, advocate for you and defend you—the same people who believe in your message and don’t doubt your motives but may have a few problems with your methods.

    When you demonstrate over and over that tact and diplomacy are not your strong suits (or when you deliberately choose not to use them) you make our jobs that much harder.
    Inviting this kind of criticism is a slap in the face to everyone who gives their time, money, and talent on your behalf.

    You’re capable of doing better than this. You ARE better than this. And you owe it to us to rise above some of your petty, attention-getting tactics and BE better than this.

  7. David Esrati March 9, 2009 / 8:54 am

    In the ‘burg_
    I don’t know what you are responding to- because, I was asking for feedback.
    A catchy headline- and you go wonkers. This isn’t attention getting tactics- this is about having a conversation- a conversation in a space that no other candidate has effectively used.
    Tact- what exactly is it? Sugarcoating bad news?
    Diplomacy- it’s what you use before you start a war.
    Frankly, the people of Dayton have been getting sugarcoated BS for too long.
    Not returning phone calls- and I call him on it.
    I think before the day is out- you’ll see more comments from people who say they’ve had the exact same experience- from others in our employ.
    I can’t delete comments- like the baiting by Roger or Gene- any more than I can edit yours-
    I am what I am. What I can do is have a conversation- in public- and take a stand.
    Show me another candidate doing the same thing?

  8. In the 'burg March 9, 2009 / 9:54 am
    You know EXACTLY what I’m responding to.

    And I have a lot more to say, too. So tomorrow, please bring the duct tape from your Esrati for Congress commercial. I want to make sure you don’t interrupt me.

    Oh, and you’re buying.

  9. Chad March 9, 2009 / 10:26 am
    I think some of us (including me) would like to see you get elected Dave. I think the combination of you and Gary could do this city a lot of good. Unfortunately your message is lost when you make it more about you and being provocative then about the city.

    If I were to call John Gower today and leave him an honest & fair question I’m sure I’d get a call back with an answer… he doesn’t call you back because you’re a snake in the grass. There’s not really a particular problem there, other than the one you’ve created.

    In that way your provocative nature and the attention you create is ruining the debate. You’re talking about issues that you’ve created… not the greater issues. Your post today on the civil service exam is great but did you notice how you started the post with “When I ran for Mayor…”? I start reading the article and I roll my eyes, here we go again… all about Esrati.

    Being a leader takes requires vision and you no doubt have that, but what I see is someone who has made a career out of going it alone and isolating himself. I’m not sure that’s the best tactic for getting elected, if it was you would have succeeded by now.

  10. David Esrati March 9, 2009 / 10:54 am

    I was trying to give a point of reference- by citing my old campaign lit. The issue that hasn’t gone away. Trying to show I’ve been tuned in on this all along. It wasn’t about me- in fact- it was one of those things where I took a lot of heat. Most people would try to pretend it didn’t happen- I don’t have that luxury – nor do I ask for it.
    I would think John Gower would be better at returning his calls now- but, is it, or should it be about me? I’m a taxpayer. I have a right to get a question answered- just like the rest of you? Is it a valid excuse? What are you saying- it’s ok for me to be ignored?
    Let’s extrapolate: Should 911 ignore your calls?
    Thought not.

  11. Chad March 9, 2009 / 1:00 pm
    I don’t really care for your 911 analogy.. but okay, I’ll play.

    What do you do with someone who calls 911 over and over again just because he likes the attention of the sirens pulling up out front? Since they can’t arrest you Dave, they ignore you. If you only called 911 when you needed help, you’d get a response… until then they (and the rest of the voters) will ignore you. You may not like it, but you’re doing it to yourself.

    BTW.. do you have stats to back up this 21,000 unique visitors claim?

  12. David Esrati March 9, 2009 / 1:15 pm

    Repeatedly calling 911 is a criminal offense. Calling bureaucrats for a clarification on information is not.
    The unique visitors stats- I went back in- and looked- and have a confession: Best month on unique visits by AwStats: Nov 2008 14883
    Rolling last 31 days has been over 21,000 – but it’s not unique- just visits. It’s currently at 19466
    Right now- unique visitors for 8.5 days is 3638 so I’m on track to trend at 13K and change.
    So- once again- you got me. Congrats.
    Still- keep making excuses for not returning phone calls though, I think it’s great that we apply rules differently.
    I think every zoning case should have a wiki attached to it- with all details of all communications, minutes, next steps. That would stop me from having to call Mr. Gower.

  13. Teresa Lea March 9, 2009 / 2:26 pm
    Ya David – why don’t you calm down, put on a public face, and act like everyone else. Look how well it’s working for Dayton now!
  14. In the 'burg March 9, 2009 / 4:29 pm
    @T: Last time around I advised him to be himself, be original, and not change a thing for anyone. Same as you. And guess what? He lost. Time for Plan B.

    No one is suggesting that David act like everyone else. He couldn’t even if he tried.
    But what he can do is stop antagonizing and alienating people who might otherwise be inclined to vote for him and cooperate with him once he’s in office.

  15. John Ise March 9, 2009 / 6:09 pm
    I don’t personally know David. Maybe he does have a prickly personality and a big ego (Hell, show me an aspiring politician who doesn’t) . But he is an original thinker, maybe dreamer, who has more intellectual zip than most. That’s why I troll here.
  16. Roger March 10, 2009 / 12:16 pm
    @In the ‘burg Thank you for saying what I was trying to express, but you do it in a less snarky way than me… :-)
  17. Teresa Lea March 10, 2009 / 12:18 pm
    @in the burg – Actually, David has changed a lot since his last run, I hear from people on a regular basis how much they think he has softened as of late. If you are referring to his congress run last year, then I think you know the two are apples/oranges.

    I am fully aware of his candidacy history, as I told David earlier this week, it is always interesting when people I know figure out who exactly he is. When people see David without the “spin” it is much easier for them to understand who he is and what he is about.

    My opinion has always tilted toward the renegade/wild child side. I saw a tweet from Sally Hogshead yesterday that pretty much summed it up, ” It’s better to fail by going down in flames than by settling for mediocrity. ”

    I also don’t see David alienate anyone, he does more favors for people than anyone I know – it is almost obscene. Antagonize, I’ll give you that one, except that the people he antagonizes:
    a) probably needed a good poke
    b) I doubt he wants favors from later on

    I know my opinion of David is probably jaded – but that’s because I am privy to the true intentions and motivations for his actions. When it comes to business and politics, 99% of the time David’s motivations are NOT self serving.

  18. Joe March 10, 2009 / 12:25 pm
    David, I wonder sometimes if you are the reincarnation of Edward John Smith.
  19. David Esrati March 10, 2009 / 12:31 pm

    Edward John Smith = Captain of the Titanic-
    Actually, Joe, I think that analogy could better be applied to our President- and hopefully he succeeds in saving our ship.
    As to ‘in the burg. The race for Congress wasn’t a true race. Congressional races take planning, time and money. I entered it when there was no one else. I didn’t sink $150K+ into making a fool of myself either like a certain other candidate.
    It was an attempt to bring attention to Turner’s other side. That’s all. Sacrificial lambs are supposed to die.
    This race will be different. Watch, or help. It’s up to you.

  20. Greg Hunter March 10, 2009 / 1:27 pm
    Obama inherited the Titanic, but instead of abandoning ship hired Timothy Geithner. Stooge and we all go down together.

    Sacrificial lambs are supposed to die.

    Messianic Complex David? I know the feeling, but for some reason it has an air of legitimacy for you. :)

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