August 2007

The real story on the Big Ten Network, the Buckeyes and Time Warner

The Big Ten Network (BTN) and Time Warner Cable (TWC) have been having a full page ad war in the Dayton Daily News (DDN). The Big Ten Network is a last ditch attempt to milk cash out of College Sports- the last place where slavery is still legal in this country. The fans are getting Read More

Downtown South- A plan anyone?

For The Love of Dayton posted everything in the DDN about the Fairgrounds plan and the new UD plan yesterday- so I didn’t see any need to repost- you can read the whole thread here: Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Stewart Street Corridor and University of Dayton Development « For The Love Of Dayton I’ve talked about Read More

Nan Whaley’s too busy for you.

Not that she posted much on her blog, or responded to input- Nan’s two year experiment with building a community online is over, her blog replaced with a GoDaddy holding page. Other than getting married and working on her master’s degree at Wright State, Ms. Whaley’s job performance as a Dayton City Commissioner has resulted Read More

CEO pay- playing monopoly with other peoples money

I don’t have a problem with excessive CEO pay- as long as it’s their money, and they can loose it all. Unfortunately, most of the time- it’s the stockholders’ money, and they aren’t reaping the real rewards. Push past the crazy pay, and the focus on short term/quarterly performance is driving many businesses to offshore, Read More

Time to admit that there are worse schools than DPS

No matter what “No Child Left Untested” says- I’m sure even DPS dropouts can give a better answer (and find the US on a map) than Miss S. Carolina (and you wonder why they still have the stars and bars on their flag?) I’ve also heard Dr. Mack was building a house in South Carolina- Read More

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