The real story on the Big Ten Network, the Buckeyes and Time Warner

The Big Ten Network (BTN) and Time Warner Cable (TWC) have been having a full page ad war in the Dayton Daily News (DDN).

The Big Ten Network is a last ditch attempt to milk cash out of College Sports- the last place where slavery is still legal in this country. The fans are getting squeezed, the bar owners too- and the fact is- all of this is buggywhip thinking.

No one needs a BTN- or TWC either. It’s called IPTV- or Internet Protocol Television- and it’s quite simple- the games should be available via the Internet in streaming HD format- for a simple pay per view scheme without ads, or free or reduced cost with ads.

Buckeye fans should be pissed- because they should have access to their team.

For the money both BTN and TWC spent having their argument- they could have probably added BTN to the digital tier without costing the consumers a cent.

Downtown South- A plan anyone?

For The Love of Dayton posted everything in the DDN about the Fairgrounds plan and the new UD plan yesterday- so I didn’t see any need to repost- you can read the whole thread here:

Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Stewart Street Corridor and University of Dayton Development « For The Love Of Dayton
I’ve talked about the need to better utilize the Montgomery County Fairgrounds before, especially with the development of the 50 acres the University of Dayton purchased from NCR. UD is a major player in this part of Dayton as well as in other community efforts…

The Fair Board plan was pie in the sky with unrealistic numbers- and already, a day later, they are pulling back the numbers on the arena seats- and acknowledged that the idea of an ice rink wasn’t feasible (a 6,000-seat ice arena alone runs close to $30K).

With rumors flying that MVH bought Dominics, and about to build a ten story office tower somewhere on campus- it seems someone needs to sit down and put all three of these players together.

To me, there is only one logical solution to both what to do with the fairgrounds and who to run it- and that’s toss it into Five Rivers Metroparks portfolio. The upcoming levy in 2008 could include funding for renovations.

The reality is, the area along Brown/Stewart/Main is Dayton’s best chance at combating the Greene. Throw a movie theater, an ice rink, a grocery store and some affordable retail space in with a programmed parking solution, a light rail loop- and you have a real viable urban work/shop/live community.

What we need is a leadership group with some vision to push this on a fast track. The fair board is well over its head in its planning, but, no one but your’s truly is going to say anything.

Your thoughts?

Nan Whaley’s too busy for you.

Screen capture of Nan Whaley holding page on her siteNot that she posted much on her blog, or responded to input- Nan’s two year experiment with building a community online is over, her blog replaced with a GoDaddy holding page.

Other than getting married and working on her master’s degree at Wright State, Ms. Whaley’s job performance as a Dayton City Commissioner has resulted in minimal impact on the citizens. She has proved herself adept at being a comic foil to the Mayor’s bantering at the end of meetings, but hasn’t championed any cause, initiative, or program. At least Matt Joseph can say he’s created parties for interns with his “Summer in the City” intern program.

Realistically- the last major initiatives that have been championed by a member of the commission (that were actually within their control) are few and far between:

Mayor Mike Turner pushed for brownfield redevelopment programs and demolition standards that stopped the imploding of buildings into the ground for a coverup.

Commissioner Tony Capizzi pushed for baseball- which took place after he left office.

Commissioner Mark Henry championed the well field protection ordinance.

Well meaning, but misplaced efforts go to Dean Lovelace for his living wage and predatory lending protection initiatives.

Totally off base was Tony Capizzi’s local gun ordinance.

Anyone else have nominations for tangible programs championed by a Commissioner or Mayor in the last 25 years?

CEO pay- playing monopoly with other peoples money

I don’t have a problem with excessive CEO pay- as long as it’s their money, and they can loose it all. Unfortunately, most of the time- it’s the stockholders’ money, and they aren’t reaping the real rewards. Push past the crazy pay, and the focus on short term/quarterly performance is driving many businesses to offshore, downsize and make decisions that impact the overall economy in a huge way- all while the CEO’s just dance off into the sunset with their scads of cash.

Study: CEOs earn 364 times as much as their subordinates – Dayton Business Journal:
A new study says large U.S. company chief executives made as much money in one day last year as average workers were paid over the entire year.

The report, “Executive Excess — The Staggering Social Cost of U.S. Business Leadership,” compiled by the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy, said the private equity boom “has pushed the pay ceiling for American business leaders further into the economic stratosphere.”

The same top executives averaged $10.8 million in total compensation, or more than 364 times the pay of the average American worker, based on data from a survey of 386 Fortune 500 companies.

While workers making minimum wage are beginning to receive the first federal minimum wage increase in a decade, the survey said the new minimum wage of $5.85 is still 7 percent below what it was a decade ago in real terms.

Meanwhile, CEO pay — over that same decade — has increased by about 45 percent.

While changes in the capital gains tax are one way government can reel in some of this misbehavior- the other is to make companies with grossly unbalanced pay structure be responsible for all their unemployment insurance directly out of the company till. No more falling back on Uncle Sam. That should bring some sanity back to the corner office.

Time to admit that there are worse schools than DPS

No matter what “No Child Left Untested” says- I’m sure even DPS dropouts can give a better answer (and find the US on a map) than Miss S. Carolina (and you wonder why they still have the stars and bars on their flag?)

I’ve also heard Dr. Mack was building a house in South Carolina- maybe the beauty pageant academy could use a new superintendent?

When the going gets tough, the “leader” goes running…

I was listening to American Public Media’s Marketplace the other day (I download the podcasts and listen on my iPhone – since I’m almost never home at 6:30pm to listen on WYSO) and heard them talk about what makes a difference to financial markets. It’s only 2 things- ready?

  • Confidence
  • Perception

That’s it.

So, when people make fun of the ideas that I present for Dayton Public Schools– involving new technology, new ways of organizing tutoring and sports, and integrating with the City recreation programs- I wonder, are we afraid of being perceived as leaders, or exuding confidence by doing some unconventional things?

But, then, I see that our fearless leader, isn’t really still our fearless leader in today’s paper:

Mack in running for job in South
Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Percy Mack is a finalist for superintendent in Mobile, Ala., and he expects to interview Wednesday.

If you want to send a message of no-confidence- interviewing for jobs is a great way to do it.

Two things need to be answered asap:

  • Is there a number 2 to step up the moment Dr. Mack bolts town?
  • Why shouldn’t the board fire Dr. Mack and get someone who knows how to say no?

Having a CEO who is looking for a job sends the wrong message. Maybe Dr. Mack is frustrated by being told when and how much he can ask for on a levy? Maybe, the candidates for the board scare him? Maybe, he figures that with the district slipping back into academic watch- this is the best time to leave?

What we need now is bold, visionary leadership- and as far as I’m concerned, Mobile- you can have him. He’ll probably bail on you too in your moment of need.

Dr. Mack really only has one option- tell Mobile, thank you, but no thanks. I’m here to make a difference, and I’m not done yet- if he really has the skills to lead our district.

Get Urban speaker in Dayton Oct. 4- Free!

From Bill Pote and Dayton MostMetro – an event!

Dayton – Dayton Topics
Kyle Ezell is the founder of Get Urban, Ltd. and is so passionate about city living that he has written two books on the subject:
Get Urban! The Complete Guide to City Living
Retire Downtown: The Lifestyle Destination for Active Retirees and Empty Nesters.

Kyle is a certified city planner, instructor of downtown housing at Ohio StateRetiredowntown_2 University, and since 2005 has been a keynote speaker on the topic of urban living in cities all over the country – including San Francisco, Chicago, Columbus and more. He has organized “Ruppie” parties to help attract active suburban empty nesters to downtown neighborhoods (we have several Ruppies here in Downtown Dayton). And he has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Cool Town Studios, Columbus RetroMetro and yes – here on

On Thursday, October 4th – we will be throwing a Get Urban Miami Valley party at the Top of the Market (starting at 5:30pm). This is a free event – so come out and check out exactly why us urban dwellers simply love our urban lifestyle. Who knows, you could become our neighbor very soon!

Something to get the urbanites together….  maybe a cash bar too?

Does Dayton need a “Combat zone”?

I first heard this idea from John Gower, who is now the director of planning. I thought it had merit then, and am thinking it has more merit now.

Zone an area that is extremely depressed as the X-rated area. Allow porn stores, strip clubs, all night bars, seedy motels that rent by the hour, to have a place to themselves. Charge high taxes, provide high police visibility, but don’t arrest the hookers, just the drunks and fighters.

Have a hooker rehab center and drug rehab programs in the area- supported by the higher taxes.

This way, the negative impact of these activities is limited to the designated area. Hookers caught plying their trade elsewhere- picked up and dropped off in the Combat Zone. Pimps who want to beat up girls – arrested, since the area will be well patrolled.

Boston had an area called the “combat zone” for years, and I saw the same kind of thing in Hamburg and Paris. There is no reason it couldn’t work here.

What brought this idea back to mind was a motorcycle ride last Friday night with a couple of buddies- I brought them back in down W. Third Street. Both buddies, Vietnam era Army Rangers, thought I was trying to give them flashbacks. Face it, there isn’t enough money available to bring back parts of W. Third Street- so maybe the answer is to let the wages of sin give it a shot. Moving the sex shops out of the Oregon District, N. Dixie, etc. might help give other areas a better chance- and also give some people in Dayton a reason to go over to the West Side.

Sounds harsh- but, the reality is, maybe this is one of the conversations we should be having?


First Dayton Bloggers Meetup- you missed it.

There were a grand total of 4 of us in attendance at Panera on Brown Street. Of course, I was partly to blame since I didn’t bother signing up or notifying anyone on this site.

Organized by Mike Robinette of, it was a small start on a big idea: how to provide a real forum and alternative to the lame Dayton Daily News “blogs”- and educate and inform the public of things we’re missing in the local coverage of drunks and car crashes which are the highlights of the DDN.

Next meeting- next month- and I promise to warn you in advance.

Montgomery County created a Sports Competition Task Force

Sports tourism on deck for Montgomery County:

A much shorter link to the resolution

The County Commission passed resolution 07-1311, establishing a Youth and Amateur Sports Competition Task Force, chaired by Tony Lupia, who is a local sports tournament director. The goal is a 20% increase in youth sports business/tournaments by 2010.

Too bad the DDN and the Dayton City Commission seem oblivious to these efforts.