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Time to admit that there are worse schools than DPS

No matter what “No Child Left Untested” says- I’m sure even DPS dropouts can give a better answer (and find the US on a map) than Miss S. Carolina (and you wonder why they still have the stars and bars on their flag?)

I’ve also heard Dr. Mack was building a house in South Carolina- maybe the beauty pageant academy could use a new superintendent?

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J.R. Locke

Saw this a couple days ago. Wow. But I bet she can tell you everything under the sun about celebrity infidelity and reality show dealings. It is all about perspective….I bet she supports our troops?

D. Greene
Drexel Dave

Everyone seems to be forgetting the upside of this. Dumb-asses are FINALLY getting massively ridiculed in public thanks to youtube!

Before the interwebs, our mainstream media encouraged this kind of stupidity.

Greg Hunter

Remember it was a beauty contest. The questions that most people want to know cannot be asked during the family hour. In my book she would be a good practice dummy, but not one for prime time.



I lived in North Charleston for a year, back in ’96. This video and her response did not shock or surprise me one bit at all. Many high schools in South Carolina are nothing more than public subsidized day care centers. Ohio is not that far behind.


The response she gave only mirrors that of our politicians – who knows what she said and why she said it – she was confusing us so we would look deep into her soul …….

Kinda the same response David Esrati might give to our city commission, after a few nips from the bottle…..

So she isn’t that smart. She will be on the beach getting her drinks for free while we sit here in good ole’ Dayton OH – What star QB is she going to marry? She will be fine, and rich.


She would be a good politician. Doesn’t answer the question, but throws out a bunch of bafflegab instead, and looks good doing it.