The real story on the Big Ten Network, the Buckeyes and Time Warner

The Big Ten Network (BTN) and Time Warner Cable (TWC) have been having a full page ad war in the Dayton Daily News (DDN).

The Big Ten Network is a last ditch attempt to milk cash out of College Sports- the last place where slavery is still legal in this country. The fans are getting squeezed, the bar owners too- and the fact is- all of this is buggywhip thinking.

No one needs a BTN- or TWC either. It’s called IPTV- or Internet Protocol Television- and it’s quite simple- the games should be available via the Internet in streaming HD format- for a simple pay per view scheme without ads, or free or reduced cost with ads.

Buckeye fans should be pissed- because they should have access to their team.

For the money both BTN and TWC spent having their argument- they could have probably added BTN to the digital tier without costing the consumers a cent.

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