Downtown South- A plan anyone?

For The Love of Dayton posted everything in the DDN about the Fairgrounds plan and the new UD plan yesterday- so I didn’t see any need to repost- you can read the whole thread here:

Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Stewart Street Corridor and University of Dayton Development « For The Love Of Dayton
I’ve talked about the need to better utilize the Montgomery County Fairgrounds before, especially with the development of the 50 acres the University of Dayton purchased from NCR. UD is a major player in this part of Dayton as well as in other community efforts…

The Fair Board plan was pie in the sky with unrealistic numbers- and already, a day later, they are pulling back the numbers on the arena seats- and acknowledged that the idea of an ice rink wasn’t feasible (a 6,000-seat ice arena alone runs close to $30K).

With rumors flying that MVH bought Dominics, and about to build a ten story office tower somewhere on campus- it seems someone needs to sit down and put all three of these players together.

To me, there is only one logical solution to both what to do with the fairgrounds and who to run it- and that’s toss it into Five Rivers Metroparks portfolio. The upcoming levy in 2008 could include funding for renovations.

The reality is, the area along Brown/Stewart/Main is Dayton’s best chance at combating the Greene. Throw a movie theater, an ice rink, a grocery store and some affordable retail space in with a programmed parking solution, a light rail loop- and you have a real viable urban work/shop/live community.

What we need is a leadership group with some vision to push this on a fast track. The fair board is well over its head in its planning, but, no one but your’s truly is going to say anything.

Your thoughts?

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