Comparison shop your candidates for Congress Ohio 3

Just in case you are wondering who the other candidates are supposed to be (ie. they took out petitions from a Board of Elections) you can check out these sites: (note deadline for party candidates is Jan 4, 2008, independents can get on the ballot later)

Jane Mitakides (D)has a static holding page, with a broken link to her husbands site. I gave her a call tonight at home- and she’s on her way out of town for the holidays. I also pledged my support to her, should she beat me in the primary, because our goals are the same: put another Democrat in Congress.

Charles W. Sanders (D)has a cobwebbed old active site up, with lots of pictures with him with famous people. He has a link to a blog– that is on blogspot instead of integrated into his site- it has one post from April 18, 2006. “Hi All” to you too, Charles.

At least Charles still has his contribution page up.

I guess I’m the only one who realizes the battle of my life is coming Nov 4, 2008 and I have to be working harder than the rest of them. I have a site up (you’re on it) and a donations page, and a steady stream of updates about what’s happening in the campaign, and what my platform is going to be.

Of course, Mike Turner (R) Centerville, has a site up, and already has $750,861 in the war chest.

I guess, the idea of communicating directly with the constituents for these other candidates only happens when they have their campaign to run. I’ve been posting my thoughts, on a regular basis for years.

Wouldn’t you rather have someone who not only is technologically competent- but that actually believes that when you share, great things happen?

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I support David Esrati for Congress, please take a look at his site and his ideas and join me in sending a true independent thinker to Washington.

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