City of Dayton selling citizens out to Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP

My dead mother got one. I got one. The veteran I take care of got one, right in the middle of the pandemic.

A “Notice of Delinquent Citation(s)” from a law firm in Texas that specializes in debt collection. The first two didn’t even have account or “offense dates” listed – they were just “notice of debt” without justification. The last one had dates in 2014, in February and March. There is no explanation of the actual “offenses” just a demand for money.

I am not a lawyer, I don’t play one on TV, but, I do know about mail fraud, and this comes as close to it as it gets. No different than fake Yellow Pages bills, or claims for “SEO services” or “Domain Name Registration” letters from people who you don’t do business with.

If the City of Dayton wants to collect a bill, farming it out to Texas is grounds enough for removal of our “leadership” since we can spend the money at home. But, also, we would expect there to be actual bills that we’ve “ignored” first. There weren’t.

And, if it’s an attempt to collect for the use of an ambulance when you call 911, excuse me, that’s what I pay taxes for. In fact, we pay one of the highest income taxes in the state for the right to have a fire department and a police force to provide services to us. At some point, those in office, decided to act just like the criminals running hospitals who give them lots of money for their reelection campaigns, and try to bill insurance companies for medic runs. So instead of a realistic amount, they charge $895 a run, in order to extract $125 a run from an insurance company. This is wrong- and part of the reason medical insurance is too damn expensive in this country- as is all health care.

The letters make all kinds of threats. Pay them if you want to, but realize, this money is mostly going to the lawyers and not to the city. Also realize, you already paid when you paid your taxes.

If we didn’t have 30 jurisdictions in Montgomery County- with tons of duplication of services, we could probably deliver even more efficient services for less money, but, alas, the people in power like themselves too much.

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