Chinese food with class

Last night a friend decided to take me out to dinner to thank me for some good advice.

As always, I wanted to go to an independent restaurant. My first pick didn’t answer the phone, so we headed up North to Mr. Lees Fine Asian dining. It’s in the old “Cooker” on Little York, away from the strip of chains on the West side of 75.

Pulling up, it was obvious they had done a major overhaul, but as you walk through the double doors- into the foyer, you will be absolutely awestruck- what was once a cluttered, cut-up, dark interior, is now wide open- with undulating benches on the perimeter, halogen lights throughout and a glass waterfall. I almost felt underdressed in jeans and a turtleneck (until I saw the guy with the Earnhardt hat a few tables over).

The menu is refined- unlike most Asian places that list 1000 menu items, acknowledging that Americans only order certain things, it has perhaps 80 choices including everything. The elegant atmosphere was complemented nicely by classical music- and the formally dressed staff.

One meal isn’t enough to judge a restaurant, but, based on our food last night- I’d be happy to go back.

The website is in serious need of help (including editing)- so here’s the link and the important data (they might want to consider my websitetology seminar):

Mr.Lee’s Fine Dining
Mr.Lee’s Fine Dining
It’s created the best dining experience in Dayton area. See you this fall!
Contact Information
Email : [email protected]
Phone : 937-898-3860
Address : 7580 Poe Ave
Vandalia Ohio 45414

Head on over- and tell them I sent you (just kidding). Feel free to share your positive experiences in the comments.

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