David Esrati on Breakfast with The Beatles on WTUE

Since some people seemed to have a hard time figuring out WTUE’s website – and couldn’t listen live, I’ve made a podcast of the parts where Ann Stevens and I were on the air- no commercials, and sorry- no Beatles tunes (we don’t have the rights- and Apple Corps is known to sue)- but, you’ll get the idea of what was said.

Included is a long list of people who I thanked- and some other interesting thoughts about Dayton. The people who called in were great, and I had a fantastic time.

Note: Ann started the tape in the middle of me doing a read about the “B-man”- I’m not bald with a goatee….

so you miss the opening.

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Mark Fineberg
Mark Fineberg


Good one and thanks for the mention. We didn’t manage to listen live but the podcast sounded good. Whilst it may not have been one of their most profound songs, I always feel seduced by ‘While my Guitar gently weeps’

There is a hilarious spoof radio phone-in that I’m sure you’ll enjoy by the makers of ‘The fast Show’, surely you remember ‘Scorchio’?

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David Esrati
David Esrati

I had to cut about 12 other songs from my initial list Mark- and “While my guitar gently weeps” wasn’t even one of them. Sorry.
Thanks for the beeb link.