Ballpark Village now stealing tenants from Downtown

Someone in City Hall must have flunked basic math. Spending money to move jobs from one office tower to a new office building doesn’t equal more revenue. In fact, all it does is piss off the property owners of the tower- who have been dutifully paying the Downtown Dayton Partnership a tax premium to help retain jobs downtown.

Now, it seems the City is going to spend millions to move Thompson Hine out of the Mead tower and out of the Special Improvement District- to a new building, to be built where a perfectly good building is already standing.

Someone needs a reality check.

Law firm intends to lease space at Ballpark Village
The law firm said it is the largest tenant to agree to take office space at the development.

By March 2009, the firm would occupy the entire top floor of a new office building at Ballpark Village. The firm would also occupy part of the floor immediately below, taking a total of 45,489 square feet.

That building will have five to seven floors, depending on commitments from tenants, Curry said. The village will offer firm employees free parking and views of the Great Miami River and Fifth Third Field, home of the Dayton Dragons, he said.

The move also means Thompson Hine will leave the former MeadWestvaco Tower — recently renamed 10 West 2nd Tower — which the firm has called home since 1976.

But Curry said the firm remains committed to downtown Dayton and to the clients it serves.

“We are proud to be a leading tenant in this exciting new development and hope this will serve as a catalyst to attract other businesses to downtown,” Curry said.

Ballpark Village is a 300,000-square-foot mixed use complex that will feature entertainment, retail, office and housing. The office building will be the development’s first project.

In June, the Dayton City Commission secured one property needed for Ballpark Village, with a $3 million option-to-buy the Dayton Career Academy on Corridor Drive from the Dayton City School District. Then in September, the city snagged a second option to buy the Woolpert Building on Monument Avenue from Dayton Office Properties LLC.

Of course, when 2 of the commissioners are running unopposed, they must feel like they can do whatever they want. If I was the owners of 10 West 2nd Tower- I’d be suing for my Downtown Dayton Partnership money back – at a minimum.

We already have too much office space- and too many vacant homes in Dayton. Why should we build Ball Park Village?

How about adaptive reuse of the old Delco plants- currently owned by Mendelsons? How about investing some of that 3 million in services- like the DDP Clean and Safe program- instead of charging a premium SID tax?

Or- how about 3 million into a Sportsplex for everyone in Dayton- not just the uber rich?

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