Real democratic club conducts real forum. You’re invited.

The South Dayton Democratic Club is going to host the only public candidate forum for Democratic candidates on Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024 at the Montgomery County Democratic Headquarters at 7pm. HQ is at 313 S. Jefferson St., Dayton, 45402. They moved it from their normal location at the Wright Memorial Library because they are expecting a bigger than normal crowd. Should wrap up around 8:30. If you want to add this event to your calendar because you are tech savvy- head to my events listing.

Despite the State party weighing in with primary endorsements in multi-county races like Congress, the local parties have seemed to stay out of the endorsement business, unless there is an incumbent. Due to changing gerrymandering efforts, there aren’t incumbents in some of the races, and a few may be decided in the primary if no one files as an independent (filing deadline is Mar 19th- the primary date if I’m not mistaken.

Oddly, a few candidates are not planning on attending this event- and I’ll note them. If they won’t show up to talk in public about their candidacy, why would you elect them to represent you is my question? I’ve also included LWV videos- they didn’t do Rose in 36 because Chuck Horn wouldn’t participate.

Attending will be:
House District 36
Rose Lounsbury, Chuck Horn (can’t find a site- he let go)
House District 38
Desiree Tims, last day change of heart Derrick Foward
Missing: Derrick Foward

Ohio Senate District 6
Jyl Hall, Jocelyn Rhynard Willis Blackshear Jr.
Missing: Willis Blackshear jr. apparently this post woke him up. He’s now attending (17 Feb 24)

Congressional District 10
Amy Cox, David Esrati, Joseph Kuzniar (no website- but does have ballotpedia entry) Tony Pombo (late addition, 19 Feb)
Missing: Tony Pombo

Added later: here is the Dayton Daily News article on this race- without a paywall.

Here is the League of Women Voters forum for our race:

Montgomery County Commissioner 
Judy Dodge (I can’t find a site), Yuossef Elzein

Not attending- but still on the ballot so you need to do your homework.
Justice of the Supreme Court (1) Unexpired Term Ending 12/31/202
Lisa Forbes
Terri Jamison

State Representatives? 40th District (1)
Bobbie Arnold (can’t find a website)
Logan Turner (write in- can’t find website)

While I’d normally include links to all the candidates, I’m not feeling generous with my time for folks that can’t be bothered with the public. They must have taken lessons from Mike Turner, who never has a town hall, never meets with the general public. I’m absolutely flabbergasted that Judy Dodge doesn’t have a site that I can find.

The South Dayton Democratic Club invites you to participate: “If you would like to request that a certain topic be raised or question asked, please put that into the comments section of our website. We may merge questions to craft a single question which is relevant to all candidates running for the same office, and would not just require a “yes” or “no” answer.”

I will be filming- and posting to my Youtube Channel the next day. If you subscribe to it- you’ll be notified. They have an option through the South Dayton Dems site to attend via zoom.

This event is free and open to all.

Here’s the video, supplied by the only candidate who keeps you informed. Me. Complete with chapters to skip to what you want to hear.

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