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Roberts gets outed as clueless hack

I’ll now officially be voting for no one in the race I vacated. Had a Libertarian, a Green, a Socialist- a pumpkin party candidate ran for Congress in OH-3, they would have got my vote, but given the choice between Mike Turner and Joe Roberts, I’d prefer to sit this one out.

With as many things to go after Turner for- Roberts, in his 25-year old wisdom, thinks that calling Turner “No friend of the Jewish people” is a campaign platform. Never mind Turner and his wife should be in prison for their corrupt contractual behavior with the Dayton Development Coalition [1], Roberts wants to resort to name calling- from the Dayton Jewish Observer:

On Sept. 22, more than 150 members of the local Jewish community received an e-mail with the banner, “Turner is no friend of the Jewish people.”

Two paragraphs down is the statement, “Click here to fight anti-semitism today!” with a direct link to the Joe Roberts for Congress Contribution Form.

Roberts, who identifies as Jewish, is the underdog Democratic challenger to U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, now running for his fifth term representing Ohio’s Third Congressional District.

The Anti-Defamation League has sent Roberts a private letter of concern about his campaign’s e-mail. Roberts says he regrets that his campaign sent the e-mail but thinks “the message of the e-mail is true.”

According to Roberts, someone with his finance staff sent out the e-mail to a list of 150-180 members of the Dayton Jewish community; Roberts says he only found out the e-mail had been sent when one recipient e-mailed him in response.

via Roberts campaign smears Turner, October 15, 2010 [2].

The Observer has the complete text of the Roberts e-mail. Considering that the paper has refused to mention any of my candidacies in its publication over the years, that it broke this story right before election day says something. Roberts has just joined Republican  Josh Mandel [3] in the sleazy Jewish candidates club.

From my experiences with Mr. Roberts, through the League of Women voters forum (which I posted on YouTube [4] for all to see) to the Dayton Daily editorial interview (which I posted online [5]) Roberts foreshadowed what would be a desperate campaign- by sounding like a rhetoric machine. His job was to be a sacrificial lamb- all he had to do was stick to facts about Turner’s inadequacies- and hope for Turner to make a mistake. He wasn’t going to win- no matter how much money he had- but he could have at least seem like a reasonable alternative for those of us who don’t like Turner. Now even that is gone.

With zero money, and a hopeless campaign- trying to blame his “staff” for sending out a letter like this, instead of taking the responsibility himself, is the ultimate #FAIL in my eyes.

I don’t need a new congressman who can’t say “I screwed up” any more than I need the current screw up.

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I got a card from the Montgomery County Democratic Party today. It does not endorse Mr. Roberts, either.
As a matter of fact, the local Dems don’t even back Lee Fisher.
What goes on here?


Yes, he’s an utterly clueless dimwit who shouldn’t have been nominated. But if you think the national agenda of the Democratic party is preferable to the national agenda of the Republican party, you should vote for him. At the end of the day, the intelligence and political wisdom of the backbenchers is something Americans are way more interested in than they should be. Do you want someone who supports Nancy Pelosi most of the time or someone who supports Boehner most of the time? The answer to that question is about 95% of what every house race should be about. The personal characteristics of the individual in question just really don’t matter in any significant way.

Ice Bandit

His job was to be a sacrificial lamb- all he had to do was stick to facts about Turner’s inadequacies- and hope for Turner to make a mistake. He wasn’t going to win- no matter how much money he had….. (David Esrati)

The Ballad of Joe Roberts (In the key of C, as in C ya’ later)

Like the hanging curveball drifting over home plate,
like the hammer coming down upon the nut,
his job was to get clobbered,
til he stumbled, peed and slobbered,
and removed whatever whats’ left of his butt.

Like the Titanic steamin’ towards the iceburg,
or General Custer headed towards the ‘horn,
he’s  destined to take a beatin’,
in the world of eat or eaten,
and forgotten about early Wednesday morn.

Goodbye Joe, we harldy knew ya,
in Valley politics I’m gonna clue ya,
with no platform and no cash,
voters threw ya’ in that trash,
shoulda known the DDN was gonna screw ya.

Goodbye Joe, you are forgotten,
except to history and this bad song,
get your papers and your rags,
put them in your carpetbags,
and come back sometime when
you can’t stay so long……..


knowing first hand what goes on in that office, pretty sure there was no chance in hell he knew that was sent out. campaign is ran by kids who sit on cell phones all day.