Working together is how we win

Maybe you’ve seen a sticker on a light pole or basketball court pole, that says “Esrati wants you to THINK before you vote.” Maybe you haven’t- but if you are reading this, you are taking a step to being better informed about our political landscape in Dayton and the surrounding areas.

Yesterday on the way into the main post office on 5th street to buy more stamps for mailing campaign postcards, I ran into Michael Harbaugh, who is gathering signatures to run as an independent candidate against Mike Turner (and possibly me if I win the 4 way Dem Primary on Mar 19, 2024). We had a friendly conversation- and talked to some voters together. I was amazed he hadn’t been chased off for campaigning on federal property- I’ve been chased off so many places it would make your head spin. I had warned him early on about how unless he collects signatures matched to voter rolls, he may get a pass rate of as low as 40%- see Jo Love, etc. I also told him the process for gathering notarized affidavits on how to challenge signature disqualifications if he comes up a few short. I had to get 50 signatures to run as a member of the Democratic party- he has to get almost 3000.

The question is, why would I help him?

Because I believe in elections decided by voters, not people in a back room or billionaires buying their candidates. I believe the more people running, the more choices voters have, the more likely they are apt to show up and be heard.

That’s why I video political and community forums and put them online. It’s why I write this blog. It’s why I livestream. It’s why I do things like invite all the other Dem candidates to attend the Inaugural Beavercreek Children’s Festival this Friday with me- to talk to voters and get them excited about voting on Mar 19th. I also invited the South Dayton Democratic Club to come- to talk about “Democrats 101” and their oath, and the Democratic Party in Greene County to attend- all free, paid for by my campaign.

Some candidates were very gracious:

“Thanks David, I already had something on the calendar for this day but this is very kind of you.”

-Jyl Hall


What a wonderful gesture on your part. I just came back from Findlay, OH (a lot of rain) and saw your E-Mail. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend…. Sorry about having to miss this wonderful opportunity…

and in a following e-mail “DAVID: You’ve been really nice to me…especially getting me started. As you know, the main reason I’m running is because I’m upset at what’s happening at Wright-Patterson AFB. The other issues I picked up along the way are from talking to the Ohio Democratic Veterans Association and folks’ concerns about Social Security. (private). Thought you should know…you really have been a great help.

Joe Kuzniar

I won’t share my communications with the Dem Party in Greene County- they were less than gracious. Although, they are still welcome to attend and spread their message.

The “Fun Family Event”- from 4:30 to 8pm at Trebein Elementary, 1728 Dayton Xenia Rd Xenia, OH 45385 United States (update- I just found out they have 2 tiers of entry- not happy about it 4:30-5:30PM VIP Entry / 5:30-8:00PM General Admission)is described as place to explore local kid focused resources and summer camps, as well as food trucks, entertainment and activities. Face painting will be available at my booth- just inside the registration entrance. Other organizations participating are the YMCA, Greene County Public Library, Dayton Dragons, Jeff Wyler Hyundai, the National Museum of the US Air Force, the School of Rock, Verizon, the Greater Dayton School, Greene County Career Center, etc. Over 47 organizations.

I’ll have petitions to sign for the redistricting initiative, volunteer sign up forms, voter registration forms, my t-shirts for a $25 donation, and literature. I’ll also be looking for people on main streets to host my large yard signs.

The way I understand winning political power- requires an all hands on coordinated effort to win at every level. They say “all politics is local” and they are right- every voter, who is motivated to go vote for one candidate- may also vote for others. It’s a lesson our local parties haven’t learned yet- that primaries are good- and so are choices. Please come out, bring the kids, to this free event – and meet the candidates.

Because, in the end- it is “The Power of U.S.” that wins.

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