Edward Breen for Congress 2012 – OH-10

Edward Breen is an enigma to me. He never showed up at a single candidates night event, hence, no video, no literature. His nice little blue signs have popped up in East Dayton. Friends who have worked with him describe him as “odd.”

Frankly, someone who doesn’t even make an attempt to come to candidates forums doesn’t really deserve to be considered in my view. Meeting voters, stating your views publicly is part of the process.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Edward-Breen-for-US-Congress/315794945120152

From Complete list of candidates for Congress in OH-10, Montgomery, Greene and Fayette County

Bio: Earned a BA in History/Political Science from Capital University and Ohio Teaching Certificate from Antioch College. 23 years as Reserve Teacher for Dayton Public Schools. I’m an author, historian, lecturer, precinct captain 8 years. Son of Dayton Mayor/Congressman Eddie Breen.

Answer 1: Strong military presence is necessary to keep our country safe. Keeping abreast of modern technology and having a highly trained special forces is crucial. Educating our children and strengthening the infrastructure as well as maintaining our environment are equally vital to our well-being. Upholding the needs of both our state and our country come at a price. There are many plans in Congress that address these issues such as cutting back on redundancy and wasteful spending, however, both sides are unwilling to find a common ground and get legislation in place so that our nation can continue to move forward.

Answer 2: Creating and maintaining jobs are a priority to Ohioans. Wright Patterson Air Force Base is the foremost aeronautical and aerospace research organization in the Air Force and maintaining its funding is essential. Educating our children so they have the skills to find jobs in an ever-changing global society is critical. Our current representatives complicate the issues by focusing on the needs of their lobbyists and refusing to look outside their partisan agenda. They are mired in gridlock and dysfunction and are unable to work together to pass legislation. What Congress lacks is leadership to come to a common consensus.

From the Dayton Daily News’ Republicans offering primary voters distinct options.

Edward Breen

Breen, 54, lives in Kettering and is an author and reserve (substitute) teacher in Dayton Public Schools. He’s the son of Eddie Breen, a former Dayton mayor, Montgomery County commissioner and congressman in the 1940s and early ’50s. He says he’s a moderate Republican and has been a precinct captain as both a Democrat and Republican.

Breen’s policy positions don’t stay within one narrow ideology. He supports the “heartbeat bill” anti-abortion measure. But he said he has no strong opposition to gay marriage.

Breen said he believes U.S. forces should get out of Afghanistan, and while he agrees that defense spending should be cut, he says the new focus should be on elite forces, drones and other high-tech advancements that are studied at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

He said government’s role in improving the economy is removing “red tape and redundancies” as well as providing tax incentives “with teeth.”

Breen cites an immediate need to improve our education system and our physical infrastructure. And he calls environmental issues important, saying he’s very opposed to the “fracking” process to extract natural gas. He’s opposed to the Obama health care plan, but said health reform is needed, and criticized Republicans for not offering “a serious alternative.”

“Ending the gridlock in Congress is important,” Breen said. “Maybe we need to get back to basics, having face-to-face lunch with our Democratic counterparts.”


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