John Anderson for Congress 2012 – OH-10


From Complete list of candidates for Congress in OH-10, Montgomery, Greene and Fayette County

Bio: Senior Air Force Systems Acquisition Contractor Consultant for Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC). Retired Air Force Civilian Acquisition Manager. Former Air Force B-1B and C-17 Support Equipment Acquisition Division Chief and Depot Material Management policy OPR. 35 years service at WPAFB.

Answer 1: Cap the national debt, cut federal spending, and live within our means. Eliminate unnecessary federal departments; transfer their functions to the states if constitutional. Reform entitlement programs to avoid bankruptcy; transfer Medicare/Medicaid management to the states. Close foreign military bases that have no effect on our national security and bring home our military. Eliminate hundreds of duplicative federal programs designed to perform the same objectives. End corporate welfare and bank bailouts. Terminate funding for no-win wars. Cut off welfare benefits for illegal aliens. End Foreign Aid. Reform the Defense Department Acquisition process by stimulating competition to reduce cost.

Answer 2: The most important issues are job creation, controlling the exploding national debt by cutting federal spending, restoring the Constitution, firing career politicians, ending no-win foreign wars, and reforming the Federal Tax Code. Federal spending is out of control and will bankrupt the nation and destroy the value of our dollar if serious budget cuts are not passed immediately. Restoring Constitutional limits on the federal government will bring deficit spending to an end. This will not occur unless Americans vote the career politicians out of office. Passing the Fair Tax Act is the solution to restore American economic prosperity.

From Dayton Daily News’ Republicans offering primary voters distinct options:

John Anderson

Anderson, 60, lives in Enon and is a senior logistics consultant for a defense contractor. He ran for Congress as a Libertarian in the 2010 race won by Republican Steve Austria in Ohio’s former 7th District. He touts his 35 years of experience at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as a key qualification.

Anderson calls for a dramatic government downsizing — elimination of the departments of energy and education, saying education should be controlled by states, and arguing that the free market could make us energy-independent in 10 years.

He thinks funding should stop immediately for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and said the country can’t afford to be the world’s policeman in conflicts such as the one in Syria.

Anderson said his first action if elected would be to cosponsor the FairTax plan to replace federal income, business and capital gains taxes with a single sales tax. He says the plan would draw corporations and factories back to the United States.

Anderson said both parties are to blame for the nation’s debt problems, with George W. Bush starting wars that Barack Obama continued, and Republican legislators creating an expensive prescription plan for seniors that Democrats compounded with recent health care legislation.

“If you really want to change government, vote for John Anderson,” he said. “If you want more of the same, vote for Turner.”


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