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Mike Manning RIP

There are a lot less journalists today than when I was growing up- the son of Cleveland Plain Dealer copy editor. And while bloggers and internet sites may give you a lot more choices in where to get your info- the hard core “newsman” is a dying breed.

They knew their beats- inside and out. Had their sources- on speed dial. Asked the right questions, drew the right connections- all under a time-squeeze deadline.

Mike Manning Sr. was one of those guys. I can’t tell you how many times my phone used to ring, and he’d be on the other end asking for some insight or checking facts. I remember him working for both Cox and Sinclair- but, his history probably had him working with more people in tv news in this town than Don Wayne and Jim Baldridge combined.

He probably taught more young journalists how to get the real story than a J-School.

He passed away – and the DDN obit is a single liner. I wish I could tell you more- but, I’m on a deadline- gotta go.

Mike Manning was a piece of Dayton’s Institutional Knowledge Memory Bank that won’t ever be replaced.

Mike- RIP. #30

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Gary Honnert

I worked with Mike Manning at WLWT in Cincinnati between 1978-80.  Later, as PIO at Sinclair Community College, I would get calls or make calls to Mike to discuss news coverage.  Mike was truly unique.

One of Mike’s favorite lines was “Don’t call me sir!  I’m just as good as you are.  Is that sir or cur?” 

Mike is of the generation of the true newshounds that is sorely lacking in today’s 24/7 news cycle culture.