Site updates: new features

The old dependable Spam Karma II plugin was deprecated with version 2.5 or so of WordPress- it was doing an admirable job of managing spam (about 40K messages a year) and screwing up very little- unless your name was Josh, Jesse or Brad (sorry guys). The new one has a Captcha- let me know if Read More

The rules of goodbye Gene

I’m pretty ok with almost anything on this site- as long as you don’t attack each other personally- or, misrepresent yourself. That means no posting under multiple names. Frequent commenter Gene has of late chosen to sign as a variation on my name- or Gene….. I’ve warned him twice- he’s continued- so I blasted away Read More

Debating adding IntenseDebate to

I’m thinking that my comments about the comments on the Dayton Daily News lame comment moderation system is making a hypocrite out of me. I moderate to the best of my abilities and try to keep it civil- yet allow all viewpoints on this site. Yet- while I advocate for comment moderation tools- I don’t Read More

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