Site updates: new features

The old dependable Spam Karma II plugin was deprecated with version 2.5 or so of WordPress- it was doing an admirable job of managing spam (about 40K messages a year) and screwing up very little- unless your name was Josh, Jesse or Brad (sorry guys).

The new one has a Captcha- let me know if you hate it- there are mods I can make. UPDATE: apparently it grants full access to trackbacks- so I’ve had to add yet another plugin to deal with them. Sorry for any emails to prior commenters for the spam.

I’ve also added a “subscribe via e-mail” for those of you who want an e-mail with each new post (if you don’t follow me on Twitter, or friend on facebook or use RSS). It’s in the sidebar at the right.

Time for a new header too- not sure of what I want it to say yet. Tagline suggestions for this site welcome in comments.

Thanks to all of you who have participated-  your comments make the time spent researching and writing worthwhile.

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