Esrati on the Economy

The most important American stock exchange: your neighborhood housing stock

Last night, around 6o South Park neighbors got together at Hope Lutheran Church for our annual “Hot Toddy” party– food, desserts, alcohol, kids, a raffle for some amazing gift baskets and South Park Family Feud game- where the survey said: we’ve built a pretty special neighborhood. South Park is reportedly one of only a few Read More

Payroll tax breaks aren’t enough, Mr. President: reset mortgage rates

Last night the president placated Republicans by throwing them a tax break they couldn’t resist, cut a few points off the payroll taxes. The idea is to stimulate the economy by putting more cash in working people’s hands. But, this is just a temporary fix, and it doesn’t do much to change the real financial Read More

How to end the ending of jobs

In Jewish culture one of the highest ranking “mitzvahs” (good deeds) is to give someone a job. The old adage about “give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach him how to fish, he eats for a lifetime” is in the same vein. Yet, the most highly paid fishing instructors in this Read More

How to get small business moving, Mr. Immelt?

When did Dayton become the first stop on the bullshit express? We had John McCain go rogue and introduce Sarah Palin as his secret weapon at the Nutter Center- and now, we get a junta of overpaid CEOs from big business trying to figure out how to create jobs via small business: The President’s Council Read More

Now, advertising will save our budget woes- not.

Before anyone gets any bright ideas about selling ads on school buses as a way to solve our financial problems- just take a look at how many ads RTA has on buses now for ads on RTA buses- it’s a majority of what you see. Dayton was once a thriving test market for products, no Read More

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