Fear will screw us. The truth on Iran’s threats and their impact on the USA

It’s time to stop the lies. It’s time to stop legitimizing the commodities traders’ main weapons- fear and disinformation. In fact, it’s time to end the trading of commodities by anyone who doesn’t actually take delivery of whatever it is that they are manipulating prices on. If you don’t buy and use jet fuel- you can’t write a contract on it. If you don’t actually need a billion bushels of corn- you can’t manipulate its price for your personal profit.

The people who trade in petroleum are fanning the flames with the news that Iran is threatening to close the Straight of Hormuz- and the media is buying it. Gas prices are going up, and we’re going to be in a world of hurt as soon as gas hits $4 a gallon again. From the NYT:

If Iran were to follow through with its threat to blockade the Strait of Hormuz, a vital transit route for almost one-fifth of the oil traded globally, the impact would be immediate: Energy analysts say the price of oil would start to soar and could rise 50 percent or more within days.

via Oil Price Would Skyrocket if Iran Closed the Strait of Hormuz – NYTimes.com.

Let me ask you something. Do you really believe that Iran has a chance against our military? How fast did we get to Baghdad? The Iranians and the Iraqis fought a war for ten years- both are incompetent and impotent. The Iranian people have no interest in picking a fight with the U.S., or any of the other Arab nations who also depend on the strait for their economic vitality. The only people who can say this are the pathetic rulers of Iran, who are one short “Arab spring” away from losing power. They are baiting the U.S. to become the bad guy, to rally their people against us and hold on to power- by making reckless threats.

The real question is why our leadership hasn’t said point blank, you’ll do nothing of the sort- and reached out to the Iranian navy with a chance to break away from the posturing politicians. We don’t need to kill anyone to end this “crisis”- but, we need to make it very clear that ANY military action by the Iranians is a hollow last-chance bluff that will bring swift and exacting deadly force.

The Iranian Navy doesn’t have a death wish- nor do any of the largely youthful population of Iran who are sick of the games of the old men in turbans.

In the meantime, we need to make clear to anyone speculating on the price of oil based on this manufactured crisis that they’ll will be put in jail. It’s time to put a freeze on all futures trading on petroleum products until the crisis is resolved. It’s time to use the military that we’ve paid for to show these idiots in Tehran that we won’t play their game. As to the argument that by strangling the country’s economy by embargoes is somehow going to end their quest for nuclear weapons- didn’t we learn anything from North Korea? Instead, we need to start flooding Iran with rap, Marlboros, Jack Daniels, Budweiser, Levi’s and Chevrolets and let the people go about their business. The only people who reach for nuclear weapons are the ones who feel that they’ve been pushed into a corner (that was our excuse for dropping two on Japan- even though the Japanese were already running on empty and desperation and unlikely to have lasted too much longer).

America’s economy has been brought to its knees once by $4 a gallon gas, to let this happen again would be a disaster.

We need our leadership to step up and put a stop to this “crisis” now.


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