The Grand Opening of The Ohio Coffee Company

For those of you who love your coffee- the former Seattle East/Terra Cotta Cafe at the corner of 5th and Ludlow will be opening tomorrow, Oct 1 at 7am to serve up coffee and assorted other things (don’t know what yet, ’cause they’re not open).

On Friday, Oct. 2nd, they’ll be having a free shindig with a bunch of bands. Music starts at 7pm (sorry for my omission Jeff)

Jordan O’Jordan, Dane Terry, Bible Belt Blues, Wes Tirey- will all be playing. They are asking for donations for the touring bands.

Head on over, tell them Esrati sent you.

Remember, you can get Starbucks anywhere, but you can only get The Ohio Coffee Company in Dayton – so support your local independent businesses.

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When on Friday will the live music start?  What time?  & how late?


Thanks David for keeping everyone in the know. This is going to be direct competition for Pacchia, especially the new music club.


Time will tell.


The only lights on in the place are Christmas lights and little arty lamps – doesn’t look open.


What happened to the Terracotta cafe? I’d heard that the tenant had been locked out and that the landlord seized her equipment and that she was bringing suit to get it back.
I’d like to know more about that situation before I darken the door at the new place.
It’s many blocks from Pacchia, not to mention being on the other side of  Patterson, the Greyhound station, the Crowne Plaza, Dayton Convention Center, Main Street and the old Spaghetti Factory.  Not even the same neighborhood!  What may be more likely to kill Pacchia is what my son (age 15, an art school student) complains are “all the dweeby people who think they’re artists” who hang out there.  Word up, y’all.


Larkin, I don’t think that is what is going to hurt Pacchia.  The patrons in the coffee shop are probably keeping it opened; artists, non artist, whatever.  Currently the restaurant is slowly becoming a music club, and it’s my understanding that in December/January they will be closing and making changes to the bar / dining room, closing the coffee shop for only a few days for construction of a wall separating the restaurant and the coffee shop.  
I hope you are correct David, that Dayton can handle more than three coffee shops downtown, and I am glad people are hanging out there too.

David Lauri

Interesting that Pacchia’s building a wall between the restaurant and coffee shop since the last remodel included taking that wall out.  When they rename Pacchia after the remodeling I wonder if they’ll rename the coffee shop back to Oregon Emporium.


I believe they are changing the name.


Just had coffee at the Ohio Coffee Company – wonderful brew, very friendly owners(?) – Patrick and another gentleman whose name I didn’t catch, and they’re open until 6 p.m. on weekdays. That can’t be lauded enough, since my caffeine fix usually hits around 4 and the former joint closed at 3 p.m.! =)  Really hope they find a large, receptive client base down here.


I was briefly at the opening (didnt get to hear the music as I cam earlier).  I think I recognized one of the barristas as a local artists, sculptor I think?
As for the Pacchia coffeeshop, one thing I miss there that some other coffeeshops have (like one Ive been to in Cincy) is a collection of flyers and those little promo cards for bands, events, shows, etc that you can take away with you.  They have a very small selection of that stuff, plus their bulletin board, but its not like at other places. Maybe they think of it as clutter but that stuff gives a coffeeshop the feeling of a hub or clearinghouse of info that you wouldnt ordinarily hear about.
Not having it makes a town seem like nothing is happening.  Yeah, I know all this promo/network stuff is supposed to be done via internet nowadays, but no, not really.


I am super happy of the Ohio Coffe Company’s existence! Couldnt be more ecstatic that it isnt a Starbucks! or Caribou (yuck) or a Boston Stoker (another yuck). Pacchia is a great little shop. It is a little sterile though. I wish it was a more comfortable “stay awhile” environment. And they do have some small fliers, but i find that they go fast. Larkin – I garuantee that if your 15 yr old art student son actually got to know a few of the “dweeby artists”, he might find that they aren’t so dweeby. and some are actually fairly established and talented. and besides, “dweeby” is the new black. :) trends have been leaning towards cool nerdy nerds for quite awhile now. what better place to drink their coffee’s than cool coffeeshops! yum-o!


too bad i can’t spell “guarantee” in my last post…i must need a coffee!