But what about the lack of job apps?

You read about the convicted rapist who was hired by his sister at the Montgomery County Board of Elections here first: Government Job- no posting required.

Now the punishment is being meted out-

A Montgomery County Board of Elections supervisor will serve an unpaid three-day suspension for recommending her brother for a job without notifying the board that he had a felony rape conviction, according to board Director Steve Harsman.

Beverly King, who is supervisor of registration, will serve the suspension Dec. 1, 2, and 3.

The delay is because she is needed through the end of November to assist with the certification of ballots and other election duties, Harsman said.

The discipline was for displaying a lack of appropriate judgment and in response to complaints from employees about discourteous treatment by her. She will be required to attend management classes, but will not be demoted, Harsman said.

via Election official suspended, touted ex-offender brother for job.

There was a 2 hour meeting on Tuesday by the board- and this is the best they can do?

What about the fact that none of these jobs are legally posted- and handed out to friends and family?

What about the fact that all the employees that are “Republican” (because the BOE is a 2 party slush fund) had filled out full job applications- and NONE of the Democrats did? Isn’t that illegal? And shouldn’t the head of the BOE, Dem Steve Harsman also be facing either discipline or dismissal?

It’s time that a full investigation of number of employees- pay, benefits- budgets of the BOE be examined and reevaluated.

Hiring of your brother, convicted rapist or not, without a job posting, job application- or any oversight (he also had more hours than any part-timer- including overtime because he rode to work with his sister) is grounds for not only dismissal but criminal charges. But of course for the “Monarchy of Montgomery County” laws, nor common sense apply.

Is it any wonder that we don’t trust our government to regionalize?

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