“Squirt” is missing-FOUND!

Lost dog Squirt

This "dog" is lost- please find

I’ve done this once before- and the dog was found.

A neighbor lost their “dog”- and I say it with quotes because if you look at the picture- you’ll understand…

It’s a Chinese Crested Hairless- last seen at Oak and Bonner, Dayton Ohio 45410  by the park on 11/23/10 around 1:30 pm

There is a reward offered- Call 937-270-5903 or 239-4974 if you have him.

It’s a bit cold for a dog with no coat- so, please- keep an eye out for the little guy.

UPDATE: 2:30pm- he’s been found. All is well.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Aw, freaky-lookin’ or not, he is much beloved, I’m sure. The tale has a perfect ending – Happy Thanksgiving, Esrati.