Let’s welcome CJ Chan to Dayton

Yesterday, I was a day early and got to keep my dollar. I went into a little strip mall restaurant that was due to open in “November” – and got a huge surprise- not your typical Chinese carryout. The decor is sophisticated- yet sleek- and the stainless steel kitchen equipment was gleaming. The people were happy to see me- but, slight hang up- not open until today, Nov. 18.

It’s right behind the Subway on Wilmington between Irving and Shroyer and next to LA Tan and Papa Johns. On their menu it says “A healthy alternative” and no MSG. From their website:

Welcome to CJ Chan Restaurant! Chinese and Japanese cuisine blends traditional Culinary art with the modern concept of fine dining in an elegant contemporary atmosphere. The excellence of our service makes our diners feel the most satisfaction and enjoyment in dining…

Experience our distinctive menu featuring more than 80 sensational dishes ranging from traditional Chinese favorites and innovative specialties to classic Thai foods from across Asia, using only the freshest, most natural ingredients.

At CJ Chan Restaurant, we also offer create-your-own dishes with something that is sure to please your appetite. Come and enjoy our cozy dining room with friendly service…

We welcome any suggestions you may offer in order that we may better serve you.

Tel: 937-259-9866 Fax: 937-259-9867

Add: 536 Wilmington Ave Dayton OH 45420

via CJ Chan.

If you want to stimulate “economic development” in Dayton- here’s your chance- stop in today and help support a small, local business- tell them “Esrati sent me” just for giggles (and no, I don’t expect anything back from it). I’ll be in before the weekend is out- for sure.

I also usually give new restaurants a few weeks to work the bugs out- so unless you get food poisoning- please share your good experiences in the comments here, on Google places, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare and let’s give them a great jumpstart.

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just got some take-out from CJ Chan for dinner.  Overall, it was really good and I hope they stick around! They didn’t have everything on the menu available (first day) but everything we got was delicious.  The bento box came with so much food! the restaurant is nice inside although it was empty when we picked up our order.
considering how much food we got (definitely enough for two leftover meals) the prices are great. they will def be our go-to takeout place.

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

Welcome to CJ Chan Restaurant! Chinese and Japanese cuisine blends traditional Culinary art with the modern concept of fine dining in an elegant contemporary atmosphere.

Culinary art? Elegant atmosphere? No MSG? What is this place, a Chinese restaurant or a museum? Chinese food junkies know the best Sino chow is made in grim and dimly lit storefronts in the worst neighborhoods in town. The “elegant atmosphere” in these dives is provided by dudes in wifebeater t-shirts loudly berating their luck and each other in guttural Cantonese. Flames and crackling peanut oil fills the air while the cooks keep one eye out for the INS and the other for the Health Department. Yeah, the men’s room has that required sign telling the employees to wash their hands, but nobody on the payroll reads English. And when the cussing, flaming and health violations are done, these dudes whip up Chinese chuck to die for. When the Old Bandito gets the Jones for Chinese, which is never more than seven days a week, his shadow darkens the already poorly illuminated Chef Leo’s Chinese-Mexican at the intersection of Wyoming and Illinois. The lunch special, if Leo and the crew can open by noon, is more than two hombres can eat for less than a five-spot. And during the summer, there is the occasional violent floor show provided by the miscreants in the apartment house across the street. Viva la eggrolls……


Now I’ve got two recommendations for Chinese! Thanks both of you.


Tried CJ Chan today.  Outstanding!  When I got there I was taken aback by how clean and cool-looking the place was.  I was expecting something much grungier.
As I waited for my carry-out order another guy walked past me on the way out.  Said his food was “awesome, delicious!”.  His experience turned out to be mine as well.
Thanks for the tip, David!


Agree with DMM. I got there around 8, they were moderately busy (over half tables in use, plus a few people hanging around waiting for carryout). I ordered two dishes for carry out: Egg Foo Young and Singapore noodles. Both were very nicely executed. I particularly liked that they sent the gravy for the egg foo young home with me in a separate container, which allowed the texture of the pancake to still be just right. The Singapore noodles could use a few more veggies, but there’s a generous quantity of shrimp, and they’re nice and spicy. Better spiced than the same dish at Thai9, in fact.

They also had my food ready for me about six minutes after I placed my order. They’ve got it together.

larry sizer

Thanks for the turn on to the restaurant David, Susie and I was most impressed, and will make it a regular when we want to eat Chinese. Not being familiar with Japanese food, what would you recommend, I would like it spicy but not hot, and plenty of veggies not over cooked?

Teresa Lea
Teresa Lea

We went last night and they were packed (half of the tables were occupied by South Park residents!) so the service was a tad slow, but for their second night open and one waitress, it was understandable.
The food was quite delicious. We stuck with sushi rolls, which were good and had some different flavors. Our dinner partners had Chinese which I was lucky enough to taste. The veggies were crisp and the sauces were flavorful.
The best part was the 20% off you get all this weekend!!

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

On their menu it says “A healthy alternative” and no MSG. ……I want to thank all of you for showing up at this demonstration this afternoon. And despite your understandable anger, we beg that you keep your protest civil. To close this historic rally, the Old Bandito would like to play a protest song he wrote occasion. And I had to go to Hauers for a new G banjer string, so you know this is a big deal. The song is entitled…. Give me my MS (in the key of) G From the Canton there in China, to the Canton in Ohio, I’ve pigged on tasty Chinese food, no matter where I go. I once asked a Chinese chef, if he would pontificate, on what secret ingredient, made Chinese food so great. The question struck him in his tracks, he struck a pensive pose. Not unlike wise Confusius. contemplating an evening rose. “If there was just one thing” he said, “to put in my wok aflame, There is a magic ingredient and I’ll tell you its’ name (he said) …Give me my MSG. Three billion Chinese can’t be wrong, so it’s good enough for me. It puts the zest in the Moo-Goo plate, and the Happy in the Family, so give me my MSG. I guess I’ll never understand, the long and bitter hate, that would be Chinese food critics have for monosodiumglutamate. It’s the cause they say with great dismay for depression and obesity, headache, heartache, hairy palms, schizophrenia and leprosy. But for all the names and all the claims, there’s no scientific facts, to justify a Chinese chef, for giving it the ax. And for most Chinese cuisine junkies, though it makes the nannies pissed, eating healthy food of any kind, ain’t the top thing on our list so Give us our MSG. If Esrati doesn’t want his, then please give his to me. It puts the wow in the General Tsao, and makes ginger chicken heavenly, so give us our MSG. Chairman Mao and his generals, once went into a Peking spot, the decor there was elegant and the waitresses were hot.… Read more »

David Lauri

I went to CJ Chan for a late lunch today and quite enjoyed it.  The food was good, the decor was attractive and the prices were very reasonable.  My friend Jim had California rolls, I had General Tso’s chicken and we split a bowl of edamame.  I like that they have lunch specials until 3 p.m. — we tend to eat lunch late and a lot of place around town serve lunch only until 2.  We’ll go back to CJ Chan.

cj chan

thanks everyone’s opinion,the first couple day we  have been little nervous, so….. but we will correct them as soon as possible to serve you better.

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

…call it fate, call it kismet. But it was the cosmic collision of chance with inevitability. For it was noon, and the Old Bandito was hungrier than a woodpecker with a migraine, and hampered by a blood sugar level that was approaching the depth of the Marianas Trench. The location was Irving Avenue at Wilmington, and in a starvation-driven delirium so intense that roadkill became beckoning, there was spied the sign reading CJ Chan’s. Struggling thru the door, the Old Bandito was greeted by a cutie who inquired if the dining would be there or carry-out. Not wanting to alarm the sit-down lunch crowd lest the Coroner need be called, the request was for pork fried rice with two egg rolls to go. Not used to the pleasant decor or the courtesy (or the cuties) at the ghetto Chinese outpost he frequents, the Bandito waited for the life-saving victuals. But an even greater shock was the dispatch with which the order was filled. But as that Dayton-Chinese chef, Vic Cassano, was fond of saying, the proof is in the taste. Skeptical, insofar as pork fried rice is the easiest of the genre to do poorly, the Old Bandito was soon cross-eyed with delight as the specialty was tasty and filling without becoming oil-saturated as hastily made noon orders often are. The egg-roll shells were flaky and delicioso and the perfect snack for driving driving around the Gem City. He life saved, the Old Bandito went about the day’s pursuits a better and changed man.The Old Bandito’s shadow will without question darken the door of CJ Chan’s again. The only critique of the fare; it coulda’ used a little MSG…..

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

…oh dark, dank, sad and rueful day. For that was not rain that fell upon East Dayton Friday, but the tears of those enamored with ghetto fabulous Chinese cuisine who discovered that Chef Leo’s is no more. Was it the Health Department, for their insistance for clean floors and minimum sanitary standards who provided the padlock? Or perhaps the INS, casting a skeptical eye on the legality of the kitchen help,  who fell the fatal blow. Alas, it matters not, for that corner of Wyoming and Illinois will apparently no longer dispense Leo’s famous stir fried beef and veggies for the unbelievable price of $4.50 with a wonton and eggroll thrown in for good measure. The Old Bandito’s face is so long he got a sympathy card from Jay Leno…

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

…the Old Bandito will have two eggrolls, a couple of wontons, and large order of vindication to go. Research increasingly supports the theory that bacteria, rather than the much maligned MSG, is the culprit in many if not most Chinese food calamities. One rather serious offender is bacillus cereus, which boiling and covering rice actually accelerates contamination once the rice cools. In fact, the food-police inspired war on the benign MSG was approaching the level of mass psychosis. Sidebar: the Old Bandito’s shadow has darkened Chan’s door several times and has yet to be disappointed…