Let’s welcome CJ Chan to Dayton

Yesterday, I was a day early and got to keep my dollar. I went into a little strip mall restaurant that was due to open in “November” – and got a huge surprise- not your typical Chinese carryout. The decor is sophisticated- yet sleek- and the stainless steel kitchen equipment was gleaming. The people were happy to see me- but, slight hang up- not open until today, Nov. 18.

It’s right behind the Subway on Wilmington between Irving and Shroyer and next to LA Tan and Papa Johns. On their menu it says “A healthy alternative” and no MSG. From their website:

Welcome to CJ Chan Restaurant! Chinese and Japanese cuisine blends traditional Culinary art with the modern concept of fine dining in an elegant contemporary atmosphere. The excellence of our service makes our diners feel the most satisfaction and enjoyment in dining…

Experience our distinctive menu featuring more than 80 sensational dishes ranging from traditional Chinese favorites and innovative specialties to classic Thai foods from across Asia, using only the freshest, most natural ingredients.

At CJ Chan Restaurant, we also offer create-your-own dishes with something that is sure to please your appetite. Come and enjoy our cozy dining room with friendly service…

We welcome any suggestions you may offer in order that we may better serve you.

Tel: 937-259-9866 Fax: 937-259-9867

Add: 536 Wilmington Ave Dayton OH 45420

via CJ Chan.

If you want to stimulate “economic development” in Dayton- here’s your chance- stop in today and help support a small, local business- tell them “Esrati sent me” just for giggles (and no, I don’t expect anything back from it). I’ll be in before the weekend is out- for sure.

I also usually give new restaurants a few weeks to work the bugs out- so unless you get food poisoning- please share your good experiences in the comments here, on Google places, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare and let’s give them a great jumpstart.

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