Better basketball- better price. UD Women tonight at 9pm

For the record- I play hockey, where goals are few and far between, and teamwork is everything. But, when it comes to hoops, I much prefer to watch women’s ball than mens, where they actually pass, run plays and move the ball.

Tonight you can sit in the same seats that others pay thousands to watch the mens team play- and see a better game- for $1.

The nationally-ranked University of Dayton women’s basketball team hosts Duquesne Monday, Feb. 18 at UD Arena in a Red Out. Two of the top teams in the Atlantic 10 conference will square off in this CBS Sports Network nationally-televised game with John Sadak (play-by-play) and Julianne Viani (analyst) on the call. Tip is scheduled for 9 p.m. ET. Game audio is also available on with Shane White and Angie Russell. The Flyers are first in the A-10 standings at 9-0, while Duquesne is 8-2 in the conference.


– The game is Heart Health Awareness Game and fans are asked to wear red to Go Red for women’s heart health and for a Red Out effect. Fans who wear red get in for $1.

via News.

Parking is free too. Seating is General Admission- so court side is possible if you get there early.

Normally tickets are only $5 and $3 for students with ID. If you’re looking for something fun tonight- Go Flyers!


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  1. Hall February 18, 2013 / 11:38 am

    My 11-year old daughter asks on occasion if we can go to a Lady Flyers game and I never have any objections. At least with UD, it’s typically high scoring, fast paced, and more aggressive than you’d think ! Another important fact is, between (2) tickets and being reasonable at the concession stand, i.e. not eating “dinner” or lunch there, you can stay under $20-25.

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  2. Bone February 18, 2013 / 3:10 pm

    I rather go watch a dart tournament  than watch women’s BB

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  3. David Esrati February 18, 2013 / 11:40 pm

    Hell of a game. Flyers won in the final seconds 57-56. Duquesne forced turnovers, stole the ball, shot threes when they needed to and generally played street ball. UD came back with fan intervention with about 4 to go and shut the dukes down. Great game. Kelley Austria showed amazing grace under pressure, Andrea Hoover came in big when needed and Olivia Applewhite was the muscle out under the rim that turned the game.

    Great time for all that came.

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  4. Ice Bandit February 19, 2013 / 12:12 am

    For the record- I play hockey… (David Esrati)
    …and that, dear David, is to your everlasting credit. For no other physical endeavor attracts gentlemen of intelligence, culture and refinement than the sport of hockey. From the opening face-off to the final horn, the participants are ruled not only by an adherence to the rules of the game but the ethics of fair play and etiquette as well. When disagreements between opposing players occur, as they rarely do, the disputes are quickly settled with grace and diplomacy. “Excuse me, Jean-Claude” one such encounter may begin, “but I did not mean to stain your beautiful new jersey with my blood. But when you butt-ended me in the corner, it removed an a bicuspid and an incisor, causing me to hemorrhage on your new and spiffy attire.” “Excuseze-moi, mon ami” the opposing player may reply, “but when your elbow went into my face inadvertante, it caused a commotion cerebrale, or what you may call a concussion. Pardon beaucoup.” Between periods of the game, the players are in the locker rooms discussing such topics as economics and current events. And at games end, after they have exchanged pleasantries with the opposing team and wished them the best, the players can be seen around town extolling the virtues of temperance and respect for women. So play on, dear David, until the Great Referee in the Sky blows that final whistle…

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  5. Donald Phillips February 19, 2013 / 2:06 pm

    Tuff indeed,  Ice Bandit! Mr. Esrati was in the US Army Signal Corps! He holds the record for pound/foot torque applied to a radio dial!  

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  6. Ice Bandit February 19, 2013 / 9:12 pm

    I rather go watch a dart tournament  than watch women’s BB (Bone)
    …then perhaps a tweaking of the rules could arouse your interest. Let the ladies play by the same rules we played in high school gym; shirts versus skins….

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