Arrogance in government

This will be a short post, because, well, we all know there are no arrogant elected or appointed officials. (Sarcasm).

This week Fed Chair Jerome Powell showed that he has zero business as fed chair.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Tuesday that if the U.S. job market further strengthens in the coming months or inflation readings accelerate, the Fed might have to raise its benchmark interest rate higher than it now projects.

Powell’s remarks followed the government’s blockbuster report last week that employers added 517,000 jobs in January, nearly double December’s gain. The unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in 53 years, 3.4%.

“The reality is if we continue to get strong labor market reports or higher inflation reports, it might be the case that we have to raise rates more” than is now expected, Powell said in remarks to the Economic Club of Washington.

Source: Fed’s Powell: Strong hiring could force further rate hikes

We’re as close to full employment as possible, and he’s not happy. Instead of going after anti-trust violations, profiteering corporations, collusion, price-fixing, and corporate malfeasance, he thinks sticking the poor with higher interest rates on their credit card debt, their car loans, their home loans- is somehow the answer.

The only possible explanation for his continued stupidity is that he wants to sink the Biden presidency. The reason for the record low unemployment and high hiring levels is because everyone now needs 2 or 3 jobs to pay the rent, buy groceries and pay the insane interest hikes he’s foisted on the little people.

If members of congress weren’t bought and sold by the companies that are scoring record profits, doing mass layoffs and self-serving stock buybacks, we’d have something like the Layoff Reduction Act of 2023.


In other acts of wanton arrogance the Ohio Democratic Party promoted a state wide zoom event for Dems “the Southwest Ohio Democrats Family Meeting” where they:

Ohio Democratic Party Chair Liz Walters and fellow Democrats across Southwest Ohio for this virtual Family Meeting.

This Zoom event will include:

  • Analysis of the 2022 election
  • Overview of the party’s plans for 2023 and 2024
  • How to get involved in your area
  • Opportunities for Q&A and input

ALL good Democrats are welcome! Whether you have door-knocked or phonebanked for candidates before, stepped forward as a candidate, served in local office, help lead or belong to a local Democratic county party or

I signed up. When time came to login- no login. And when someone shared a login- I was promptly rejected. Organizer was John Tannous. I don’t recall him getting 104,000 votes for anything or winning a primary.


Tonight the local Monarchy of Montgomery County Ohio, aka the Montgomery County Democratic Party will have a meeting at a new spot at 6:30; A different union hall: 6550 Poe Ave Dayton. There they will be appointing the replacement for Sarah Greathouse at the Board of Elections, who’s being kicked to the curb by the party after being a solid soldier for over a decade.

Four people supposedly interviewed, but the two front runners will be Dave Owens who’s been working at the BOE for decades. He’s the baby brother of former Dem Chair Mark Owens, and actually has experience and knowledge to be promoted into the position. The other is their favorite son- Russ Joseph, the older brother of Dayton City Commissioner Matt Joseph who worked for years under Chairman Mark at the Dayton Clerk of Courts before being elevated by appointment to Montgomery County Clerk of Courts when Greg Brush suddenly resigned. Russ lost his re-election to now under investigation Mike Foley, and then promptly got anointed again, this time Treasurer when Carolyn Rice replaced Dan Foley on the County Commission part way through her term. Russ promptly lost that election to Dem turned Republican John McManus. Then he quit, after losing his election, and then got a real government job with the Federal Courts- which he apparently doesn’t like- so this appointment would make his royal highness very happy.

Because, that’s how the friends and family plan works.

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