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The Feds won’t reimburse me for my time in filing the FOIA case to get the tapes of Nan Whaley that were made in the “Culture of Corruption” investigation and played to the Grand Jury.
The FBI and DOJ are trying to use the “Glomar” Defense-  “We cannot confirm or deny that these tapes exist”  and that these tapes are somehow top secret.They are wrong. The tapes exist (Dayton is too small). And if I spent tens of thousands on a lawyer to file this- the lawyer would be reimbursed for their legal fees.
RBG ruled in 1987 that Grand Jury proceedings can’t be used to hide the criminal acts of politicians. 3 Federal judges recused themselves from this case, the 4th tried to ignore the law and use an administrative ruse to dismiss.
I now have to pay an additional $505 out of my pocket to get the appeal heard in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.
I’ve already paid a $406 filing fee. Add them up and you get $911 – is that number significant? 9/11? hmmmm….

How serious is this? The fact that the FBI and DOJ had caught Joey D. Williams accepting a bribe, turned him into a Confidential Informant, 3 years before they allowed him to stand for re-election (with a secret agreement to resign if he was re-elected, which he did) says that they are as screwed up as the 2 movies about the dangers of a candidate under the control of a government (The Manchurian Candidate- both times). Was Whaley on the same deal in her gubernatorial run? How screwed up would that be?
If you want to see justice – and the law followed, please consider donating to this cause. I promise, I will pay back the donations after I win– WE WIN, if I win, if WE WIN.
I’ve written extensively about this case on the blog.
We deserve the truth. Joey D. Williams couldn’t have done this by himself. update, 18 Feb 2023, readers/followers/Friends Of Esrati (FOE) have met the challenge, and the filing fee will be paid on Tuesday! Thank you

Thank you for your support- in advance.

I have 30 days to pay this fine, I mean filing fee.

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