And the winner is: Daybreak

We raised over $500 for Daybreak. Ticket 551435 was drawn for the huge Obama poster. If you don’t show up, Zak Gillman of Patterson Park has the alternate ticket.


Mike Robinette claims he has the ticket- sorry Zak.

As to the election: It’s 11:32 pm: 97% reporting

Dem 3rd Dist, US Representative DEM
Total Votes 68,840
Times Blank Voted 22,839
DAVID ESRATI 8,240 11.97%
JANE MITAKIDES 38,236 55.54%
CHARLES W. SANDERS 22,364 32.49%

I think what bothers me more than losing, was that 22,839 people didn’t bother to vote at all. Congratulations to Charles Sanders for such a strong showing.

We’ll find out if Jane Mitakides can win in November.

The people in OH-40 missed out on a great candidate in Vic Harris.

Thank you to all that helped out.

I’m looking forward to President Obama in November.

Esrati in 2010? One things for sure, a lot more people will be reading this site for the next 2 years. Welcome.

[UPDATE] Final
Jane Mitakides 49,638 54%
Charles Sanders 31,632 34%
David Esrati 10,701 12%
blank votes in Montgomery County: 24,330

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