Apathy or ignorance

I’m lucky to have an amazing friend, Bill Daniels. Besides making some of the best pizza I’ve ever had, he’s got an amazing memory for movie trivia, movie lines and music, he got me back into playing ice hockey, and he’s also an amazing dad (of which I’m sure he’s most proud of). He gives away a lot of pizza to good causes- like last night, where he helped in donating to Daybreak.

The number of people who didn’t make any choice in the Congressional race was double the number of votes that I received. Bill attributed it to apathy or ignorance- I attribute it to a system that’s borked.

It was almost impossible for anyone to hear the candidates in this race through the media. I’m going to make it a personal mission to try to broadcast over the internet every meeting of Mike Turner and Jane Mitakides so people can hear the message- in more than :30 spots.

Bill sent the lyrics of a song to me about a week ago- something to think about in the aftermath:

 Blue Rodeo:
“It Could Happen To You”

They broke off the locks and they opened the doors

Fixed up the windows and painted the floors
Grew a little garden outside in the rust and sand
Raised up the roof till it touched the sky
Picked up the pieces that were left to die
Brought this building back with a healing hand

When you see trouble
You’re bound to move in on the double
You leave your mark on everything
In your head those Liberty Bells still ring
But we know that you don’t even mean a thing you say

So you brought in the army to do your job
Kicking in doors and swinging their clubs
Back in the morning to watch
Themselves on the news
You’re doing the bidding of the money man
If it turns out right they’ll call you a friend
One little favor how could you really refuse

Oh my heart is sinking
Same old useless worn out thinking
You live your life in the court of kings
Bow to the ruler and kiss the ring

But we don’t even understand a thing you say

It could happen to you
It could happen to you

It could happen to you sometime
When you least expect it

Done by the ones that you never suspected
All your bills come due
It could happen to you

You really got to wonder why you did for
Cause you don’t need an army
to move out the poor

You brought it out once I know
You could bring it again

Oh my heart is sinking
Same old useless thinking
Live your life in the court of kings
Count your money as the raven sings

Safe and sound when the wrecking ball swings
But all your riches won’t mean a thing someday

It could happen to you
It could happen to you
It could happen to you

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