A suggestion for Carolyn Rice

Dear Ms. Rice, if you want to spend your money to “salute” Mr. Shump, do it by a meaningful action- a donation to charity, buy school supplies for needy kids, donate to the Stivers Adjunct fund, just don’t hand over your money to the Dayton Daily News for an ad.

Plans called off to close offices for Shump
“I don’t want there to be any question of my office’s dedication to public service,” Rice said Sunday.

Instead of closing her office, Rice plans to personally pay for a “salute” to Mr. Shump in the Dayton Daily News.

And, this is coming from someone who makes a living with advertising.

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Drexel Dave

Makes sense for her. She is throwing her money into the coffers of those who enable her and those like her to help lead our quasi-corporate goverment. She gets her back scratched later on by those who never appear in the papers, all the while appearing to be a great person.