Poor Tony Snow- the divide grows.

Most Americans, and I’m talking at least 97%, make less than $168,000 a year. A great number of them don’t have health insurance.

White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow, who is battling cancer- and could have easily used that as a reason to step down from his high-pressure position, instead said he was stepping down because he couldn’t live on $168,000.

White House Press Secretary Snow Resigns
Snow, 52, battling cancer, said he was stepping down because he needed to earn more than his $168,000 White House salary — an amount far less than he made as host of the “Tony Snow Show” on Fox News Radio and “Weekend Live with Tony Snow” on the Fox News Channel. “I ran out of money,” said Snow, the father of three.

For a press secretary, he could have also added- that I’m stepping down because I’m incompetent, and don’t realize when I’m insulting the 97% of Americans who could easily live on $168,000 a year, plus a great health care plan.

Somehow, this class divide is going to come and bite us in the butt sooner than later.

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