A small victory for the people! Shump day called off.

The criticism of this farce excuse for a day off did not only come from Republicans- it came from all taxpayers.

No lawsuits needed, however, I wouldn’t want to have to run for office anytime soon if I was one of the three.

Plans called off to close offices for Shump
DAYTON — Three Montgomery County offices have abandoned plans to close Tuesday in honor of the late Joe Shump, former county treasurer and longtime Democratic county party chairman.

A press release issued Sunday by the offices of county Auditor Karl Keith and Recorder Willis Blackshear said the earlier decision to close the offices, which drew criticism from the county’s Republican leadership, was made “when it was believed memorial services for Mr. Shump would be held this Tuesday.”

Services for Mr. Shump, who died Wednesday, will be held a day later, at 11 a.m. this Wednesday at Memorial United Methodist Church in West Carrollton.

County Treasurer Carolyn Rice, a Democrat like Keith and Blackshear, also reversed her decision to close her office on Tuesday.

The decision to close the three offices would have meant 179 employees would have been paid $28,091 for a day off.

It’s nice to see government get it right. Now if only the Dayton City Commission could admit their new speaking policy is lame.

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