Shumpgate- part 2.

I’m not the only one outraged about the paid day off proposed by three Montgomery County officials- it seems all the comments on the DDN story share my anger – as do other local sites.

Gary Staiger has his say on “Left of Dayton” about the issue

The Joe Shump Legacy

and DaytonOS has a poll question on the front page (top left). I highly recommend you go over there and vote. It also spells out the rules for drumming the officials out of office:

Remove Montgomery County Elected Officials

Unfortunately I have to be in Columbus on Tuesday, or I’d be protesting outside the county building.

If there is an attorney who would like to file an injunction to stop this- and knows a judge who will issue it- please leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch- or look me up in the phone book, the number is published.

This can’t go on.

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