A new member of the “Dayton Syndicate”

The “DaytonOS” has launched- OS standing for either “Official Statement” or “Operating System” take your pick.

Its first post is one that makes me think- so I’ve included most of it- (to try to get you to head over and look- and add its feed to your list).

DPS Subsidy = Dangerous Precedent at DaytonOS.com
The DDN reported today the Dayton Public Schools, Greater Dayton RTA, City of Dayton and Montgomery County reached a deal to continue providing RTA bus service for Dayton public and charter school high school students.

The deal includes a subsidy from both the City of Dayton and Montgomery County of $350,000 per year.

Taxpayers should wonder about this arrangement. Providing direct subsidies to DPS from other taxpayer funds establishes a potentially dangerous precedent.

What criteria will Montgomery County and GDRTA use to consider other requests for subsidies from other communities?

They go on to provide a possible solution that wasn’t discussed- interesting reading.

The idea of City and County tax dollars supporting public schools- hmmmmm…. what next, the City taking over the schools? Talk about explaining your accounting.

What do you think?

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