Why the South Park Historic District is the best place to live in Dayton

I bought my home on January 28, 1986. That was also the day the space shuttle Challenger blew up. $14,500 for 1700 square feet of Victorian wood frame home. A 2 car detached garage, fenced in yard for the dog- and a lot of work staring me in the face.

Seven years of living with a decor that I came to call “early American toolbox”- with a table saw in the living room- and I finally had the house I still call home.

I had no idea what kind of neighborhood I was buying into- but it turned out to be a pretty good one. So good, that in 1997 I made a 30 minute video with my former employee Kevin Moran (who still lives in the ‘hood) about what made this neighborhood special. It’s called “South Park Soliloquy” and today, I pulled out the master tape- digitized it, compressed it- and put it up on YouTube for all to share.

If you are wondering about the really cool music- it’s 4 time Grammy nominee, Buckwheat Zydeco. We did his site in trade for the rights to use the music (the site still uses most of the visuals that we did for him). I remember trying to explain why we should use Zydeco to sell a turn-of-the-century neighborhood- it seemed like such a disconnect- but, I still say that happy music is the best soundtrack for a happy neighborhood.

I hope you enjoy it.

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