Dayton Daily News and the “ing’ing” of words

I’m the last one who should be a grammar cop, but, lately the Dayton Daily News seems to have instituted an East Dayton Style guide.

In a story about thieves stealing copper plumbing from homes- they called the pipes, “piping” and on the front page of today’s paper, they said “UD Arena gets new flooring for basketball court.”

It’s a basketball floor, and the copper pipes have been stolen. Next thing you know, they’ll have “no ideal” about what happened to their paper as more people get fed up with the 2-bit reporting that passes for “news” in the paper.

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3 Comments on "Dayton Daily News and the “ing’ing” of words"

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Charles Halton

Nice posting!

Bruce Kettelle

Good catching David!


I am wondering and thinking that going to flying UD’s gaming sites and seeing the new flooring with the happening and improving DDN is going to be a educating thing.