A.J. Wagner wants to be the Dayton mayor- now, not 2 weeks ago

Despite the local Democratic party’s private plans for the Dayton City Commission involving Nan Whaley beating Gary Leitzell and Rhine McLin taking Nan’s old seat- or Dean’s once she fails the first time and he resigns as a back-up plan- A.J. Wagner decides to run- of course, you read it before anyone else on this site.

Former Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge A.J. Wagner announced Tuesday his candidacy in the 2013 race for mayor.

“I come to this announcement well equipped and uniquely qualified to be mayor,” said Wagner, pointing to his near three decades of public service, including 20 years as an elected official.

Wagner, a Democrat and former county auditor, has long been rumored to be interested in the job.

via A.J. Wagner announces his candidacy for Dayton mayor.

His new site doesn’t look as good as his first one- but, what do we care? A.J.’s bravado is unmatched. First he quits after 2 years of his judgeship, and now he thinks he should be mayor. We posted a list of questions for our future mayor right after we leaked his site: “Questions for A.J. Wagner-our future Mayor”

He hasn’t answered them on the post- or on his site: http://ajwagnerformayor.com/ and we know he knows about them because I sent him an email asking him to respond- to which he wrote on 4/30/2101 at 3:58 PM: “Thank you David, but I am not a candidate at this time.”

Well, now that you are… we’d like answers please.

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Aw yeah buddy, trouble on both sides of the fence. Not only has Greg Gantt destroyed the republician party, now there is a brew ha ha on the dem side. The almighty ( I don’t know what i want to do when I grow up ) AJ Wagner wants to be Mayor, isan’t that special. I’m sure Joey is not happy with dat, and maybe a few other black leaders in Dirty D. What about Nan and her husband Mr Whaley, think they might have their panties in a wad too!. What about Karl ( didn’t support me when I needed it ) Keith? Let’s see where his loyality is. He was put in power by AJ but is close to Nan. Then we have mumble mouth Owens, what what what is he gonna do, when the circus comes to town. Watch your back sports fans, this should be fun.


Looks like Wagner hired local for his new site… these guys: