A different kind of candidate, a different kind of campaign.

Small cover of “Dear Son: Do you really want to be an American?” by Stephen G. EsratiI’m not a fan of the typical campaign literature: A picture of the candidate and the family, a brief bio, the party affiliation, some rhetoric about lowering taxes, protecting you, and the standard disclaimer and where to send the money.

I’ve always thought there is more to an election- it shouldn’t be a beauty contest, or a sound bite bonanza.

For those of you who’ve wondered what makes me tick, or why I’d risk going to jail to make sure the sunshine laws are enforced, I’m going to give you the answers- all in one 60 page essay.

I’m sure every political campaign analyst will say that I’m crazy— no one is going to read 60 pages, and they may well be right. However, the people who have read it will say something different: it’s the book we all should read before we go to vote.

I’m also sure some will disagree strongly with some of it— that’s the beauty of America, we can agree to disagree.

Should it be an Oprah book club recommendation— I think so.

Here is the best part: I’m giving it away for free, donate if you think it reflects the ideals of an America you want for your children. It’s the frank representation of America my Father gave to me when I turned 17, and now, I’m giving it to you.

Here is the link to the page where it all begins: www.esrati.com/DearSon

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I look forward to what you think. I think it’s better than a t-shirt, hat, or yard sign. Of course, you’d expect something different from me— ’cause I’m not the typical candidate.

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