Goodbye Gene.

A note to readers of this site: I’ve banished Gene- at least, his comments will no longer be posted without my moderation. Insinuations and attacks are fine- but when they border on stalking and contain patent lies, well, it’s time to take away the keys to the candy store.

I don’t mind pen names- just as long as you are consistent. But, if you see me out, and don’t introduce yourself- and then claim you were there, well, in my eyes- you weren’t.  Gene can find someone else to stalk. I haven’t deleted everything he’s said- but some conversations may seem a bit out of wack.

For the record: I don’t know who he is. I don’t think he’s the sender of my wacko mail. But, I’ll be damned if I’m going to host comments about me that are unfounded by someone who won’t sign their own complete name. And, yes, I will double check the names if need be.

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