You want a piece of me?

Talked to one of my advisers, who happens to hold office, and he said “David, you need to be out there talking to other elected people about your campaign.”

So, I’m throwing this out there: you want to meet for coffee, lunch, breakfast, or work out at the Y with me, let me know and we’ll get a meeting set up.

Don’t know how to reach me? Easy- just add a comment to this post (what, you think I’m going to do this in secret?) or call me: work number is 937.228.4433, home is in the phone book, but I’m rarely there.

I pay for my own cell phone, so I don’t give that out to everyone.

Or, if you just want answers to my positions- ask in the comments and I’ll write a post to answer each and every one.

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What is your position on illegal immigration and do you have any solutions on curbing it? Illegal immigration has overburdened our schools, hospitals/health care and many more areas. I believe we need the work force they provide, but we need it accounted for legally (taxed).

David Esrati
David Esrati

Hi SZ.
I believe blaming illegal immigration for the woes you speak of is a farce. I’m less worried about the “wetback” who came here with nothing- and is willing to pick strawberries- than the corporate CEO taking home $134 million in a year (without assuming ANY PERSONAL RISK) to run United Health Care, which puts my ability to afford health care for my legal employees beyond the reach of my small business.
If we don’t take immigrants in over the next 40 years- our economy will not survive the graying of the baby boom. We need young workers to pay into SS, to do the jobs that require youth.
There needs to be immigration reform- and a path to residency. But I strongly believe that we would do better deporting the CEO’s than the strawberry pickers.
There will be a full post on this soon.
Thanks for asking.